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Product Updates

We are constantly challenging our products!

Consequently, we update, improve and refine products and services to help you stay on top of your fleet management.

  • Extension of Alarm by Zone feature with the option of being alarmed when a unit leaves a zone by crossing a zone line.

  • For the Shock sensor alarming (Alarm by unit state) the G-force upper limit has been increased from 2 to 2.5 G. In addition, the G-force levels in the drop-down are no longer three-digit values, but actual G-force values.

  • The Edit panel (under Settings tab) for SCOM units now has fewer options, as especially the battery and time save settings have been removed.






  • New custom Damage Report allows you to extract all damages collected through the app and view all related details such as description, severity, and also images attached.









  • The Trackunit Go app now has full support for AEMP (and Beacon) unit data.

  • A notes field has been included allowing you to add notes to each machine or equipment. The notes field will be displayed in the machine home and enlarged by clicking.

  • It is now possible to enter and edit machine meta data for the "Machine ID" directly in Trackunit Go.

  • A temperature field is included in the machine home.

  • A "Connections" panel has been included. One output field and four input fields can be set up in Trackunit Manager and monitored in Trackunit Go.









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