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Fleet maintenance software: Combining telematics and preventive maintenance

Fleet vehicle maintenance is essential for keeping your fleet on the move, increasing profits while also avoiding unexpected costs. The best fleet maintenance software combines telematics in real-time with preventative maintenance for maximum efficiency.

Fleet maintenance is just one aspect of fleet management where the fleet owner, manager, or operator creates, manages, and optimizes the process to keep every vehicle in a good state and completely operational. In this process, there are three overall goals:

  • Keep every fleet vehicle safe for employees, customers, and everyone else on the site.
  • Maintain reliable fleet operations without any unexpected issues or downtime.
  • Give every vehicle a longer lifespan, minimizing repair costs and fleet replacement costs.

You can try our fleet maintenance software by requesting a demo here.

Is a fleet maintenance software solution necessary for your business?

Reducing and optimizing your costs may be the difference between a viable and flourishing fleet or one in stagnation. Fleet maintenance software is the process of maintaining your fleet vehicles while being ahead of routine maintenance operations. This keeps your fleet and drivers safe, and it allows your vehicles to be on the road longer, which enables your business to stay profitable.


There are several benefits of incorporating fleet maintenance software

Man operating equipment that has been checked using fleet maintenance software

Reduce downtime and repair costs with anticipated maintenance needs

It is best to address maintenance issues before they arise and become problems that can impact your bottom line. Often, last-minute emergency repairs are more expensive, and they can cause unexpected downtime, meaning it pays to invest in telematics that can alert you to maintenance issues in real-time.

Providing remote visibility and real-time alerts for engine fault codes, fuel usage, idling, fleet maintenance software can benefit you by anticipating maintenance issues, thus preventing expensive failures from occurring. By consistently monitoring vehicle wear and tear, you are able to plan preventative maintenance and anticipate when unavoidable major repair work will be needed. This can help fleet managers to create a manageable maintenance strategy, minimize vehicle downtime, and reduce repair costs.

Make informed decisions based on real-time - Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs)

A big challenge regarding efficient fleet management is keeping tabs on dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of vehicles across various sites. Fleet management software helps you make more informed maintenance decisions based on real-time data.

With electronic DVIRs - or simply eDVIRs - and real-time fault code alerts, you are notified of any vehicle maintenance issues. This includes problems with a fuel system, exhaust system, fluid leaks, transmission fluid, engine oil. Also, you do not need to rely on driver updates to make the necessary maintenance decisions. With real-time fleet vehicle data, you can make informed decisions that increase safety while also avoiding more serious repairs in the future.

Optimize for your long-term goals

An additional benefit of real-time telematics is your access to the utilization of data and reports. Utilizing data is important to schedule preventive maintenance, know when to bring assets in for tune-ups, measure downtime. With these predictive data, you can help your business measure the progress towards your specific long-term goals and assist in strategic operations.


Optimize your fleet maintenance with Trackunit Go

Trackunit Go provides you with a full overview of assets in the fleet and the scheduled services and active alarms. Trackunit Go is all about improving efficiency and equipment uptime – on-site and off-site.

Keep track of your equipment with the intuitive map clusters, and see which assets are currently working, moving, or stopped. Trackunit Go also shows the distance to nearby equipment based on the user’s location and even provides a turn-by-turn navigation option.

With Trackunit Go, you can approve a scheduled service in a one-step action and simultaneously add a new schedule. For equipment with a CAN-bus connection, the advanced sensor values, such as fuel consumption, engine speed, oil temperature, etc., are shown in an active widget layout – simple and user-friendly.

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