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GPS for heavy equipment: Track your heavy equipment usage

Heavy equipment is a big investment for construction companies, making it an important task to keep all the equipment running at peak performance levels. Idling, fuel waste, and unauthorized or rough usage can make your equipment more expensive to operate and sustain. However, installing a GPS tracking solution from Trackunit helps extend the lifetime of your heavy equipment.

Locate your equipment and monitor how it is being used. A heavy equipment GPS tracking device provides all the data you need for reports — and these reports deliver a thorough understanding of your heavy equipment activity.

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What are the applications and benefits of using GPS tracking for heavy equipment? 

GPS tracking helps fleet managers keep an overview of their fleets

Companies in the construction industry can reap the benefits of GPS tracking equipment in various ways that help reduce costs. Some of the main applications of using GPS technology include the following:

Acquire real-time data about equipment location and usage

GPS tracking systems for heavy equipment give you real-time data about equipment locations. These systems allow you to track equipment at all times, even in remote areas, allowing managers to make informed decisions about achieving goals.

The real-time data offered through construction equipment tracking is not limited to the vehicle location. Additionally, managers can receive data on whether an engine is running and how far the vehicle has traversed. This helps you track your goals while keeping your team accountable.

Operate heavy equipment more efficiently

Often, construction companies invest in heavy equipment they do not need because they are not using what they already have as efficiently as possible. With the help of GPS tracking for heavy equipment, however, you can eliminate this inefficiency.

Precise, real-time data about the location of your various types of equipment and its use is necessary to improve the overall productivity of your business. Without it, you cannot get all the benefits of your valuable equipment. GPS tracking devices will help you get the most out of your equipment.

Furthermore, you can ensure that the equipment is properly dispersed around a construction site. An efficient tracking system will keep a log of every piece of equipment and its location, so you can easily determine whether a site uses too much, too little, or the exact amount of heavy equipment.

Ensure optimal usage of your assets

The usage of heavy machinery will cause wear and tear to your costly assets. Yet, equipment tracking can help you ensure that assets are utilized optimally. With real-time GPS tracking, businesses can easily locate equipment and send it wherever needed. Also, geofencing can help prevent unauthorized use of company assets.

Explore the heavy equipment tracking devices from Trackunit

With our tracking hardware, you can track every type of heavy equipment on the construction site. Some businesses can have numerous tracking devices and systems that are too costly and inefficient in the long term. We provide a single solution that gathers all of your data in one place.

A proper GPS tracking system is a great way to ensure that your fleet operates efficiently with minimal downtime. This way, you can minimize lost time and inflated budgets. For more information about GPS trackers for heavy equipment, you can see the Trackunit products page here.

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