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Fleet management technology: Utilize the newest technologies within telematics

Fleet management is a sequence of processes that allow organizations to manage all relevant details associated with their fleet vehicles and other assets - through its whole lifecycle. As technology has advanced, more businesses have turned to fleet management software to provide better asset utilization, improve maintenance planning, and manage costs.

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How can your business utilize fleet management technology? 

Using fleet telematics to ease manual processes

Telematics deals with almost every aspect of fleet management and brings an abundance of practical use cases for your fleet managers. Fleet management technology has many benefits and solutions to a business’ issues regarding fleet management.

You will know the exact location of each vehicle in your fleet so you can meet deadlines and the expectations of your customers. Also, you can reduce operating expenses by optimizing your drivers' routes, which leads to reduced fuel consumption and overtime costs.

Here are some of the ways fleet management technology increases effective fleet management, which further advances fleet operations and fleet performance:


Real-time updates

Managers can be more flexible in daily operations, and your business can get more profitable with intelligently managed fleets. They can monitor the current status of vehicles and other types of equipment and update customers with an accurate timeline for the delivery of products. Additionally, you can take external factors into account, such as bad weather conditions with real-time monitoring.

Preventive Maintenance

One of the best ways to reduce vehicle maintenance costs over the lifetime of your vehicles is through anticipation and preventive measures. You can easily automate the process to send warnings when it is time for maintenance for each vehicle, which also helps improve driver safety. That way, you can schedule your maintenance ahead of time, thus avoiding sudden breakdowns.


Fuel consumption accounts for a big part of any fleet's budget. Using a GPS tracking solution can reduce fuel costs. Our tracking solution alerts you to how often specific vehicles are idle and overall idling across your whole fleet. You can monitor performance, track progress, and educate your drivers on reducing idling time. Fleet management technology, telematics, and the Internet of Things


Telematics and the Internet of Things are connected to fleet management systems. While telematics has mostly gathered data from sensors on trucks and transmits it to the command center, IoT exceeds the realm of vehicles and equipment. It is about sensors used on vehicles and also the entire ground staff in fleet hubs.

Tablets and handheld devices have replaced notepads. Today, maintenance staff can quickly scan any vehicle part and readily update the central hub’s diagnostic report within seconds. Combined with swift ground operations, your fleet manager can effortlessly dispatch vehicles while keeping up with increasing demands without compromising quality.


Get the newest fleet management technology from Trackunit

By implementing telematics on your fleet and using modern fleet management software to leverage the collected data, you can make your processes more efficient and effective while simultaneously increasing the value of your vehicles and construction equipment.

Here you can see how Trackunit Manager can map and track your whole fleet. Also, with Trackunit Go, you will have your fleet at your fingertips. If you would like to get a demo of our fleet management system and get first-hand experience with the benefits of telematics, you can contact our experts here.

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