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Iris - Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Iris?

IRIS is not just a generic IoT platform, but a purposely built platform for the construction and rental industry with a deep domain specific knowledge.

Openness, scalability and security are the guiding principles. The foundation of Iris is to organize data from the entire ecosystem and make it accessible and useful for further processing. 

It is built on leading open source software and tools to support the platform. It is ready for cloud, and with open APIs, the system is very developer friendly.


How do I get started with Iris?

You can get started with Iris in three different ways:

  • By using our out of the box solution. This is our standard solution built on Iris. 
  • Through our Predict division, we can build a custom solution specifically for your needs. Learn more about Predict here: https://www.trackunit.com/predict/about/
  • You can access Iris directly yourself and build your own solution with our open APIs


Can I access the Iris APIs?

The Iris platform provides open APIs that allow for integrations and new applications being built on top of Iris. The developer documentation is available here: https://dev.trackunit.com


Is Iris ISO15143-3/AEMP 2.0 ready?

Iris supports the receiving and sending of data in the ISO15143-3/AEMP 2.0 format ensuring that integrations to other telematics platforms are supported. A list of already supported integrations can be found here: https://dev.trackunit.com/docs/iso-15143-3-aemp-20-api


What is the scale of Iris?

The technology base of Iris is linear scalable and can grow to manage practically unlimited data volumes.


Am I tied to Trackunit hardware by using Iris?

No, the use of Iris does not stand in need of Trackunit hardware. Iris can also ingest data from third party hardware.


Is Iris secure?

Iris is built with security designed into the platform. Iris is using the leading identity and access management platform from Okta to ensure that your data is stored safely and cannot be accessed by others than the ones with access.


Can we trust the stability of Iris?

Iris comes with 24/7 dev-ops coverage and all code is peer reviewed and continuously scanned for vulnerabilities. All developers undergo mandatory secure code training and our development team includes multiple certified Ethical Hackers. Our secure development lifecycle is ISO certified.


How is Iris hosted?

Trackunit is hosting the Iris platform in Amazon in Ireland and in a datacenter located in Denmark.


What is the Iris uptime?

Trackunit maintains a publicly available system-status webpage https://status.trackunit.com/which includes system availability details, scheduled maintenance, service incident history, and relevant security events.


Who can access our data in Iris?

Access to IRIS datastores and services by Trackunit staff is kept limited to those who need to access the production systems and development environments and services for professional purposes. The access is secured through use of VPN and MFA (multi-factor-authentication).


How does Iris handle identity management?

Iris enforces identity management including Multi Factor Authentication and SSO integrations. Our identity management solution is certified (SOC2 type 1 and 2, CSA STAR Level2, ISO27001:2013, ISO 27018:2014 and FedRAMP accredited).


Is Iris GDPR compliant?

Yes, Trackunit takes various measures on different levels of the processing of personal data to ensure the compliance with GDPR, such as:

  • We take appropriate technical and organizational measures in accordance with Article 32 GDPR, such as the encryption of personal data in API management, access control and other procedures for ensuring the security of data processing.
  • Trackunit has conducted a Data Protection Impact Assessment to evaluate the impact of the processing operations on the protection of personal data in accordance with Article 35 GDPR. We are transferring our Data Processing Agreements to a system enabling documentation of all data flows.
  • For fulfilling the services agreed between Trackunit and the customer, Trackunit cooperates with a number of subprocessors. To ensure that the same obligations and authorizations as set out in the contract between Trackunit and the customer apply to the subprocessor, Trackunit entered into Data Processing Agreements with the subprocessors fulfilling the requirements of Article 28 GDPR. The list of subprocessors is available at https://www.trackunit.com/media/1841/list-of-data-subprocessors.pdf.

For further information about Trackunit’s GDPR compliance, please contact our DPO Thomas Christiansen at dpo@trackunit.com

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