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Collaboration Is At The Core Of Our Strategy

To reach the goal of eliminating downtime, Trackunit services connect every stakeholder –
from operator to OEM – and provide you with the right data to the
right people at the right time.

Built On The Needs
Of Your Industry

All Trackunit services cater to the everyday needs of the construction industry. The needs of the technician who can keep his fleet afloat with the right insight. The needs of the operator with on-site guidance to pre-checks to feel safer on the job site. And the needs of the fleet manager who can see the big picture and track every movement of the fleet. 


Streamline Your Operation

Connect the dots from all over your fleet and enable your organization
to thrive across job sites, departments, and functions.

Time-Saving Technology

A free flow of information across functions enables clear communication that will increase everyday productivity and save valuable time in your operations.

Connecting The

Seamless collaboration between stakeholders enables increased productivity and profitability across the construction industry. Connecting the ecosystem enables rental companies to create new offerings and manufacturers to implement what they learn directly into the next generation of equipment.

Together, We Will
Eliminate Downtime

Trackunit will no longer accept big budget overruns and long delays. Our vision of eliminating downtime by 2025 is our way of challenging the status quo within our industry. It’s our way of creating an industry where a promise – once again – is a promise.

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