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Trackunit Services

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The Future Of
Construction Is Now

For centuries the construction industry has changed the way we live.
By constantly pushing the limits, breathtaking creations are built
every single day.

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With the constant advancement of technology, the industry is evolving -  taking a big leap into the digital age of construction

that will change the way we build.

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Trackunit Services

Trackunit challenges the status quo by creating
services that connect the entire construction ecosystem.
Services to help you move into the future of construction, today.

Made For Everyone

Trackunit Services works with all telematic solutions. Trackunit Services gives you all the information you need, right when you need it. Keep track of machine health and operator certificates, plus reduce downtime. With Trackunit Services, telematics is simplified, once and for all.

Trackunit Ecosystem

All our services work together to create one seamless experience
across all departments, levels and locations.
Trackunit Services makes it easy to locate and solve problems quickly. 

Iris – Built For Change

Every day we aim to build the future of construction, but there is still a lot left to discover and explore. That is why we have IRIS. 

IRIS is for everyone.

With IRIS we create the foundation where great people can develop great things that can change the way we build. 

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