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We Used To Be The Cool Guys

Strong and hardworking - for whom a promise was a promise. The kind of people
who got things done. 
What happened?  Today, all we talk about is blown up
budgets and schedules delayed by months. Is this really who we want to be? 

We Know We
Can Do Better

At Trackunit, we know we can do things differently. We can do better – and that’s why we invite you to join our mission to change the reputation of our industry. By 2025, we will eliminate downtime and bury the perception that our industry is disengaged, analog and conservative.

As Our Catalyst

We have part of the solution, but if we are to succeed in this mission, we need to work together and collectively catapult ourselves, our clients, our competitors and our partners into a new era of construction. 
Some might call this digitalization. We just call it a better everyday.

Are you in?


Time-saving Technology

Challenging the status quo is at the heart of our philosophy. With our 2025 vision, we commit ourselves to save time, money and lives while changing the reputation of our industry.

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A World Of Services 

Collaboration is at the core of our strategy. To reach our goal, we
connect the entire industry – from operator to OEM. That’s why we’ve
built a world of services that connects every stakeholder. 


By collaborating and learning from each other, we put an end to downtime and increase the productivity and profitability of our shared industry. Our world of services connects stakeholders and ensures communication. That changes everything.

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The Status Quo

Trackunit will no longer accept big budget overruns and long delays. Our vision of eliminating downtime by 2025 is our way of challenging the status quo within our industry. It’s our way of creating an industry where a promise – once again – is a promise.    



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