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Product Updates

We are constantly challenging our products!

Consequently, we update, improve and refine products and services to help you stay on top of your fleet management.

New Machine Home page with a design lift including the ability to hide section headers. The new Machine Home includes dedicated sections:

  • Live status - See machine location, status and historic utilization.

  • Events page - A new place to show critical events that might cause downtime. Here you can also see the complete machine history on specific day (CAN faults, pre-checks, issues and much more). More and more different events will be added over time.

  • Insights - Real single machine data presented in one single platform - regardless of the data source being CAN bus or AEMP2/ISO 15143-3. Machine Insights empowers you to remotely analyze all the relevant features of your machine.  
  • Telematics - A deticated section for all things telematics - unit type, battery and other relevant information. 

  • Messages - a new home for all your machine communication.

  • Metadata - Brand, Model, Type, Year - anything you need to know about your machine. Details missing? Add your important machine data in the Metadata section.
  • Fleet List page has been optimized to fit more table content; i.e. non relevant page description text removed, and table height increased.
  • Machine search field added to all Tiles, making it possible to search and find a specific machine.

  • Users running Manager in an older and not-support web-browser are now redirected to distinct ‘recommended’ page.

  • New and dedicated “Attention” widget added to the Fleet Home, that will help Fleet Admin’s stay on top of all issue-related events. Also letting them know when their fleet is ‘doing good’.

  • Chat feature now supports/displays images uploaded via Trackunit Go and -On – it even allows for the Fleet Admin to upload and share locally stored media files.

  • Road names added to all map views.

  • Reset password flow can now be accessed from the new Manager login screen.

  • Introduction of the new “Impersonate Account” feature, which enables members of Customer Care to impersonate any customer account, and basically see the world through their eyes. This is also a first step on the path towards subaccount-management in new Manager.

  • Introduction of a new and interactive utilization timeline on the Machine Home that enables users to: 1) Step through all current-day utilization by mouse-hovering each block of activity, and 2).

  • Table export functionality now includes unit serial number and button renamed to a more intuitive “Export to XLS”.

  • Machine location (address) on Machine Home is now hyperlinked and will open up a new browser tab with location in Google Maps.

  • New “Show in list” toggle on the Fleet Home map view, that will allow users to view machines they see on the map in the fleet list. The toggle will even inform the user how many machines is within the "selection" every time the map is panned or zoomed in/out.

  • Fleet Home filtering (i.e. legend click) is now remembered by the web browser when navigating away from/back to the page.

  • VIN number now supported by the Search functionality; in which case the user is taken directly to the Machine Home for that specific machine.

The next generation of Manager is an all new Manager experience.

Key features include Fleet Home, Machine Home, Chat, Search, Tiles & Manager Classic embedded.


Fleet Home

Fleet Home is the default landing page when entering into next generation Manager.

  • Attention List
    The Attention List ranks machines in need of attention by severity
  • Fleet
    The Fleet widget shows the total count of machines connected, and the momentary state of these; Working, Idling, or Stopped.
  • Alarms
    The Alarms widget provides overview and access to active and currently sounding alarms as well as details on last triggered alarms.
  • Activity
    The Activity widget shows an hourly graph of machines working / not working pinpointing peak activity hours.
  • Tile KPIs
    The Pin-to-Home functionality from Tiles will let you pin a summary from any of the Tiles to your Fleet Home in extension of the standard widgets.


Machine Home

Machine Home presents all machine and sensor related data.

  • Events
    All the important machine events, such as CAN fault codes, damage reports, failed inspections, and overrun services. If there are no active events, this section is not displayed.
  • Activity 
    The Activity timeline provides an overview of the machine’s daily work routine. Utilization measures also show the distribution of working, moving, and idle time.
  • Sensors
    The Sensors list registers all the advanced sensor data divided by name, value and update frecuency.


The Message functionality allows for instant chat with text and images between Trackunit Manager, Go and On. The unread notification badge will appear upon new replies from recipients. This functionality requires users to be set up with access to the particular machine. 

Search by brand, type, model, name or serial no. of your assets.

Tiles are analytics dashboards and then some. Tiles delivers telematics data, analytics, and visualisation packaged together to address a specific theme.

Manager Classic 
Manager Classic, as you know it, is an embedded part of the next generation Manager. Simply use the menu shortcut to access it, and you will find all the classic features to manage your fleet.

  • Extension of Alarm by Zone feature with the option of being alarmed when a unit leaves a zone by crossing a zone line.

  • For the Shock sensor alarming (Alarm by unit state) the G-force upper limit has been increased from 2 to 2.5 G. In addition, the G-force levels in the drop-down are no longer three-digit values, but actual G-force values.

  • The Edit panel (under Settings tab) for SCOM units now has fewer options, as especially the battery and time save settings have been removed.






  • Ability to change the ‘Machines nearby’ range by use of a slider.

  • Ability to toggle map view clusters on/off.

  • Unit (telematics) serial no. and machine VIN added to metadata section.

  • Map improvements to secure a smoother and “flicker-free” experience.

  • Search improvements with more metadata parameters to search by.

  • Advanced sensor improvements free of “empty values” sensor readings.

A complete redesign of Trackunit Go with brand new features!

  • Attention list
    The new home screen of Trackunit Go. All machines with errors, damage reports or failed pre-check will appear on the Attention list ranked by severity. 

  • Fleet tab
    The Fleet tap shows machines ranked by distance to your location.

  • Follow
    The Follow feature will trigger a push notification on all events and messages related to the machines you are following.

  • Events and History
    All CAN errors, damage reports and pre-checks are stored in the cloud for each machine. 

  • Chat
    The Message functionality allows for instant chat with text and images between Trackunit Manager, Go and On. The unread notification badge will appear upon new replies from recipients. This functionality requires users to be set up with access to the particular machine. 

  • Damage reports
    The Damage Reporting tool allows for creating reports with picture uploads, descriptive text, and a severity ranking. The damage report is processed instantly.





  • The Trackunit Go app now has full support for AEMP (and Beacon) unit data.

  • A notes field has been included allowing you to add notes to each machine or equipment. The notes field will be displayed in the machine home and enlarged by clicking.

  • It is now possible to enter and edit machine meta data for the "Machine ID" directly in Trackunit Go.

  • A temperature field is included in the machine home.

  • A "Connections" panel has been included. One output field and four input fields can be set up in Trackunit Manager and monitored in Trackunit Go.









Added feature to enable communication across Trackunit Manager, Trackunit Go and Trackunit On.

  • Chat
    The Message functionality allows for instant chat with text and images between Trackunit Manager, Go and On. The unread notification badge will appear upon new replies from recipients. This functionality requires users to be set up with access to the particular machine. 








  • New custom Damage Report allows you to extract all damages collected through the app and view all related details such as description, severity, and also images attached.









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