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Big L Rentals & Sales

Rental Company


Big L Rentals & Sales has been serving Southwest Kansas with steel and trailer parts since 1947. After seeing a gap in the market it has grown into the equipment rental and services industry. Big L aims to support the evolving businesses in the region with high-quality service. 

Company size

14 employees



Connecting the Entire Fleet for an Immediate Impact

Big L considered the benefits of telematics but was hesitant to take action because it was unfamiliar territory. It was talked about and thought about, but the final step was missing. There was a lot of understanding for the stripped-down, dot on a map, solutions, but Big L Rentals & Sales wanted more.



Being located in Southwest Kansas, Big L Rentals often have customers that are 80-150+ miles from the depot. When a customer would call in and describe a problem with their machine, technicians would have to make an educated guess at what the problem could be. Based on the information provided, the technician would choose the appropriate tools and head out to the customer. In some cases, the tools and replacement parts weren't the right ones, resulting in downtime and higher costs.


This is just one example of a process that wasn't efficient. Big L Rentals needed a solution that would connect the entire fleet to eliminate manual processes that involved many inefficient steps.


“We're trying to eliminate any manual process that takes pen and paper to coordinate. We want to see the status of the machines, where they're located, and what machines are available for our customers.”

Ben Blood, General Manager



Big L Rentals needed a solution that would eliminate pen and paper processes. These processes included:

  • Several calls to solve a customer's problem

  • Long drives to repair a machine without a concrete understanding of the problem

  • Knowing which machines could be rented out to new customers

  • Keeping an overview of the entire fleet



The solution needed to provide a complete fleet overview. This means equipping many machines with the TU600 and connecting smaller equipment with the Trackunit Kin. Using both the TU600 and Trackunit Kin ensures that Big L Rentals can track every asset and machine.


By doing so, Big L Rentals knows the specifics of any problem that a machine might encounter, and they are able to eliminate downtime by bringing the right tools and spare parts directly to the machine. Getting rid of pen and paper processes allows customers and employees to benefit from machine and asset data.


“In the future, there won't be a machine of ours that isn't equipped with Trackunit.”

Ben Blood, General Manager



Equipping the fleet with the Trackunit solution has given Big L Rentals insights it knew it needed but wasn’t able to access. The data has unlocked the ability to quickly and effectively serve customers. Whether they need help with their current rental equipment or are interested in renting new equipment, Big L Rentals can give them information about fixes or delivery times within minutes. For Big L Rentals, telematics is a no-brainer that leads to high-quality service. It enables employees to leverage data in a way that supports their processes, giving customers a better experience.


If you would like to know more about how you can get an overview of your fleet, you can request a demo from one of our experts, here.  

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