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Bay Christensen A/S



Bay Christensen A/S is a Danish machine dealer. They sell machines from several manufacturers and service small to large construction and agricultural equipment. 

Company size

40 Employees



Delivering High-Quality Service by Digitizing the Construction Ecosystem

Bay Christensen strive to provide high-quality service to their customers. Implementing Trackunit’s hardware and software as a part of their business is one way of doing this. But digitizing the entire construction ecosystem will deliver more value.



Getting an overview of smaller assets and equipment accessories is a difficult task. Operators spend hours locating a crucial piece of equipment that can get the job done. Or a Parts Coordinator may have to use valuable resources to send replacement parts. Theft can create the same problem. Especially in the case of smaller equipment.


Being able to locate and find assets is important for any company. Job sites are busy places and there is a constant rotation of equipment. By being able to quickly identify the location of the necessary tools, projects can be much more efficient. Especially if it turns out that the equipment that you’ve been looking for is on the job site. Bay Christensen knew this and wanted to find the right solution.


“I had a customer lose two expensive plate compactors on a large job site. That was completely preventable, but there was no way to track them.”

Lasse Bygård Andreassen, Sales



Many of Bay Christensen’s customers were able to track their larger equipment and prevent downtime. But, tracking smaller equipment and accessories would add value to their existing solutions. To do so, they would need a solution that:

  • Could supplement existing solutions on large machines

  • Track non-powered equipment and machine accessories

  • Would stop customers from spending time and money on lost equipment on large job sites



Having already worked with Trackunit for some years, Bay Christensen wanted to test the latest hardware. The Trackunit Kin is a Bluetooth tag that would enable them to track smaller pieces of equipment. It would also act as a supplement to their existing fleet management solutions. Paired with Trackunit’s other hardware and software, the Kin provides customers with a full overview of their fleet.


“I see a lot of value in Trackunit Kin. It's compact and durable, making it easy to fit on small machines and accessories. It will make finding equipment much easier.”

Lasse Bygård Andreassen, Sales



Bay Christensen are delivering on their goal of providing high-quality customer service. From large dumpers to plate compactors, Bay Christensen’s customers have access to a full overview of their entire fleet - now more than ever as Trackunit Kin will allow them to include assets and equipment into their fleet overview. Locating and retrieving pieces of equipment on large job sites is now much easier, giving customers the ability to manage an efficient job site. Bay Christensen saves time, money and are able to eliminate downtime.


Get a real-life demonstration of how Kin works with 10 free subscriptions, here

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