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Accès Industrie

Rental Company


Accès Industrie is a French rental company specialized in aerial work platforms, telescopic handlers, and handling equipment. Outside of the core business Accès Industrie provides technical assistance, maintenance, and delivery/recovery on site. Part of its aim is to provide high-quality service to its customers. 

Company size

275 employees



Guaranteed Access Security for All Machines

In 2016, after the first assessment of out-of-contract utilization, Accès Industrie noted that it was losing €100,000 a year. Immediately, it began the massive digitization of its fleet. The Technical Department’s target was first and foremost to create an overview of value-adding equipment, followed by connecting the entire fleet.



In 2018, Accès Industrie’s telematics provider closed its construction branch. To ensure the overview of its fleet Accès Industrie needed to take quick action to find a new provider. At this point, security challenges were becoming the number one priority following an increase in customer demand to digitize access control. Determined to continue on the digital journey, it turned its focus towards Trackunit. 


“When you are a company like Accès Industrie, with more than 6,000 machines, you need a stable partner like Trackunit.”

Lionel Buzet, General and Technical Director



Accès Industrie had a clear goal. For Trackunit to successfully implement the necessary changes, the new solution needed to:

  • Align with the processes already set up with the previous telematics system.

  • Offer a simplified but documented installation of the telematics.

  • Create single-use security codes to guarantee the traceability of machine utilization and ensure safety. 

  • Connect all equipment, including electric machines.



Trackunit's units were installed on a large proportion of the fleet to support Accès Industrie's goals. More than 2,300 machines are connected by Trackunit and equipped with security codes that are administrated remotely. Soon, Accès Industrie will replace 700 old units with the Trackunit solution.



As a result of the global pandemic, Accès Industrie has experienced a growth in the out-of-contract usage of machines in response to the pressure of deadlines on construction sites. But with Trackunit’s solution; equipment is monitored, fleet management is optimized, and remote parameters are a part of the diagnostic process.

An added benefit of the Trackunit solution is the machine access control, which is in growing demand from regulators and end-users.


“Today, we have decided that all our current and incoming equipment will be equipped with Trackunit.”

Lionel Buzet, General and Technical Director


If you would like to know more about access control and how you can get an overview of your fleet, you can request a demo from one of our experts, here.  

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