Trackunit Mobile Manager™

The Trackunit Mobile Manager™ is a whole new way of managing your fleet with unseen flexibility and mobility. At the office or on the move – you decide on the type of information you want to see and how – using the widget based setup. The app brings you full control of the window layout and each widget can be moved around and even scaled in size.




Utilisation Weather Report

Let the sun shine - this widget shows trend information on historical fleet utilisation presented as a weather report.

Utilisation Chart in Percentage

Dig deeper into historical data with fleet utilisation on your groups, categories and clients.

Periodical Utilisation Chart

Understand which days, weeks or months, your fleet meets your predefined targets of utilisation.

Semicircle of Utilisation

Get an overview of historical fleet utilisation presented on a semicircle based on your personal predefined targets.

Easy Locator

It has never been easier to locate your equipment and vehicles with the intuitive route guidance and direction.

Dynamic Map

See the location of your equipment on a map with easy cluster overview.


Trackunit Manager™

The Trackunit Manager™ is an online information and knowledge hub that brings together all the fleet data you need to streamline operations, increase productivity and boost your bottom line. Pick out the features you need and customize the solution to meet your requirements.

Fleet Management Features

Easy access to real-time data

The GSM/GPS unit installed in the machine retrieves real-time operating information which is displayed directly online in the Trackunit Manager.

Easy-to-use and monitor

The Trackunit Manager is user-friendly and intuitive providing you with a range of simple tools for you to track, monitor and manage your fleet – easily and efficiently.

Customizable and scalable

Customize your Trackunit Manager to meet your exact data and information requirements and add on more features as your needs change or your business grows.

Generate reports

Schedule and download a wide range of management reports simplifying work procedures and empowering you to make informed, strategic decisions.

Maximum visibility

Trackunit Manager provides you with complete visibility of our entire fleet including display of each vehicle’s current location and movement on a digital map.

Preventive alarm features

The integrated alarm module helps you protect your high-value fleet assets against theft and unauthorized use.

Optimize maintenance

Trackunit Manager helps optimize maintenance procedures, reducing downtime and keeping your fleet on the move.

Trackunit Lite app

Trackunit offers two easy-to-use and practical app options.

Trackunit Lite enables you to track and monitor your fleet on your smartphone – anywhere and anytime:

  • Mobile overview

    Get up-to-date fleet information with your smartphone while on the go.

  • Fleet tracking

    Get the location of each fleet unit on a map and a complete overview of e.g. operating hours, driving time and current stop.

  • Theft prevention

    Improve security and reduce risk of theft with geo fence alarms.

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Trackunit Virtual Hardware app

Allows you to track and communicate with your key personnel using the GPS capability of a smartphone:

  • Track smartphone users

    Track and communicate with smartphone users without additional hardware and installation.

  • One system for people and machine tracking

    Upgrade your fleet management system with Trackunit VH and track both people and machinery with one system.

  • Improved people management

    Get a complete overview of the status of your mobile workforce.

  • Easy tracking of key personnel

    Track key personnel and find the employee you need when you need him.

  • Easy communication

    Message feature ensures direct and instant communication with employees on the move.

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