Trackunit GPS trackers

A future-proof telematics platform

The Trackunit 5-series GSM/GPS trackers is a robust and versatile hardware platform that is prepared for future innovations. The 5-series embodies the latest technology and works on 2G or 3G networks around the world – of course with full fleet management functionality.

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Trackunit CAN solutions for OEM

Monitor machine performance and usage

The Trackunit CAN solution for OEM machine manufacturers provides access to advanced machine data. Monitor machine status remotely by using a wide range of parameters chosen by you. CAN data is presented in real time in the Trackunit Manager or via customized CAN reports.

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Trackunit Access Solutions

Flexible Telematics solution for improved safety and security

Flexible telematics solutions prepared for Trackunit accessories, giving you greater safety and security around your machines and equipment. Get all the benefits of Trackunits ID-solutions by allowing only authorized users to access your machines and vehicles. Access via RFID card, PIN code or iButton key for maximum flexibility.

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Trackunit Extended Battery

Long life battery powered solution

This long life battery powered GSM/GPS-tracker is ideal for objects and machines without power supply – presenting you with the exact location of your equipment. The rechargeable batteries reach full capacity in just a day and expected lifetime of the batteries is up to 15 years.

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Trackunit Beacon-series

Compact battery unit with advanced tracking

With the Trackunit Beacon-series you are able to accurately track machines, vehicles and equipment. The solution relies on a combination of three positioning technologies – GSM, GPS and an RF transmitter – that enable you to accurately locate the position and movement of your assets anywhere and anytime – even in GPS-denied areas such as inside building structures or metal containers.

  • Trackunit 110 Beacon
  • Trackunit 105 Beacon
  • Trackunit 100 Beacon
  • Trackunit 95 Beacon

Trackunit Beacon is a compact and flexible solution with a high capacity battery that requires no installation. Simply place the unit on your mobile equipment for a fast and precise overview – online via your PC or on your tablet or smartphone when you are on the move.

Battery lifespan varies depending on the model and the number of daily positions required by the user. The expected lifespan is three to 10 years.

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