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The Plans to
Eliminate Downtime

Unlock the value of your machine data in new ways
and accelerate your journey to eliminate downtime.




Helps companies with small fleets who want to know where their non-powered equipment is located by reducing the amount of time spent searching for it and avoiding expensive theft.

  • Live status
  • Map
  • Theft




Helps companies with medium-sized fleets who want to optimize their daily business by reducing operating costs and increasing the utilization of every single machine.

  • Utilization
  • Alarms
  • Reports
  • Mobile application




Helps companies with large fleets who want to make data-driven decisions by providing new insights across the entire organization and by monitoring fleet performance proactively and at scale.

  • Advanced alarms
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Events
  • Dashboards
  • Technical data
  • Analytics
  • Integrations


Powered by Trackunit Raw
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Powered by Trackunit Raw
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Powered by Trackunit Raw
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Reduce the added cost, complexity and security risks of running multiple solutions and bring all of your important machine data into one platform.
Fleet management
Manage your fleet better by knowing where your machines are, what they are doing and if they are up for service.
Digital workflows
Empower your team to do more by transforming manual and paper-based daily tasks to smart digital workflows.
Service optimization
Get rid of unnecessary costs and customer complaints by using data to maintain and repair your machines at the right time at the right place.
Machine analytics
Unlock higher productivity by discovering and sharing valuable insights from a powerful suite of purpose-built visualizations and notifications.
Trackunit Spot
IoT device that collects basic data points from non-powered equipment.
Trackunit DualID
IoT device that enables full access control in your machine to prevent unauthorized use.
Trackunit Kin
  • Supports Kin tags
  • Supports Kin tags
  • Supports 3rd party tags and tools
IoT device that locates and tracks utilization of your non-powered assets. It sends data via the novel Trackunit Raw telematics network into your favorite applications.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Community SLA
Standard service level agreement. No uptime guarantee.
Priority SLA
Service level agreement with guaranteed resolution time and 99% guaranteed uptime.
Premium SLA
Highest service level agreement with 99.8% guaranteed uptime, resolution time, response time, penalties, incident reports, etc.

Feature table

Locate your machines at any time

The fast and easy overview of the location of your machines.
Get notified when your machine leaves or enters a predetermined zone.
Use the search field at the top of every page to search for a specific machine.
Route on map
Follow the detailed route of your machine.

Know what your machines are doing

Live status
Fast access to key information about your machine such as engine hours and upcoming services.
Instant overview of when and how your machines are being used. Dive into historical data and take action to reduce idle times.
Real-time configurable reports to understand when, how long and how often your machines are used. A report is a list of records that meet the criteria you define visualized in PDF, CSV or Excel.

Protect your machines from theft

Set up alarms based on geofence, and get notified when the machine moves away from its current position.
Theft alarms
Get notified if your machine is being moved outside its daily work schedule.
Access control
Prevent your machines from being started by unauthorized operators.

Monitor machine health

Stay in the know by setting up alarms by zone, movement, temperature, location, analogue input states, or battery voltage.
Attention list
Keep a watch over all machine activities and spotlight your machines in need of immediate care.

Digitize your daily tasks

Keep a direct and secure line of communication between the operator, service technician, and site admin.
Report issues
Digital reporting of machine issues empowers your team to collaborate seamlessly between jobsite and office.
Exception tile
A powerful dashboard that allows users to quickly identify machines that violate specific contract criteria such as weekend usage.

Service your machines better

Service scheduling
Set up your service schedules either by distance, hours or by a fixed time period.
Perform regular digital machine inspections to ensure machine reliability.
Mobile application
Mobile application that is used by field technicians to excel at both planned and unplanned service activities.
  • Driveline specifications
  • Machine images
  • Unlimited specifications
  • Machine images
  • Technical data sheets
  • Manuals
Service your fleet effectively with easy access to your machines’ technical data - centralized and always updated.

Diagnose machine issues faster

Event log
  • Last year's events
  • All events
Get a complete historic overview of all machine events, like machine faults or failed pre-checks.
Machine insights
  • Latest value
  • 24 hours graph
  • All values
  • Unlimited graphing
  • Comparison of up to 4 Machine Insights
  • Data export
Dig into harmonized machine data from any source to pinpoint deviations and the root cause of any machine issue.
Remote diagnostics
Retrieve diagnostics information remotely from your machines to get a complete overview of the health of your entire fleet. With machine fault codes flowing directly to the Attention List you can take action and decrease downtime.
Fault code notifications
Notify people both inside and outside of your organization if your machine starts sending critical fault codes that might result in a breakdown.

Rightsize your fleet

Fleet list
The complete overview of your fleet including machine details, machine state, activity, location. Select your preferred values to customize your fleet list view.
Inventory tile
Dashboard that gives you an easy-to-grasp overview of the machines in your fleet. Use this dashboard to rightsize your fleet and monitor the quality of your data assets.
Downtime index
Dashboard that gives you a holistic overview of the COVID-19 impact on the construction industry.

Connect telematics data to any application

Secure and reliable API that is built from the newest ISO 15143-3 standard. Export up to 20 data points that updates every 15 minutes. Use this API as a foundation for basic data integrations into third-party applications.
Enterprise API
Available for purchase
For the data-driven organization that needs all machine data at full time resolution to power applications and integrations. The API uses the newest cloud technologies to provide access to all the data you need.

Improve data and access security

Penetration testing
We use numerous systems and services to perform regular, automated tests, looking for the most common security vulnerabilities.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Available for purchase
With Single Sign-On, users can log in using your existing company credentials, without requiring a separate Trackunit login.

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