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Machine Usage




OEM – Aerial Work Platforms


Use the full potential of your machine’s electrical harness and combine advanced sensor data with location and meta-data to draw a complete view on how machines are being used. This insight reveals how machines are being used, forecasts expected service date and identified under-performing machines.


Intensive labour costs associated with service planning and warranty registrations


Do I get the full value of the machines? Which machines to service next month? Which spareparts to order next month? When does the warranty expire? Has the warranty been registered too late?

Aftermarket & Service

Knowing which machines are up for service and when allows you to proactively sell spareparts kits at the right time. Knowing when warranty are about to expire helps you to upsell service contracts at the right time, which ultimately helps the customer with keeping your machines running.

Supply chain

Use each machine’s unique data to accurately forecast which and how many spareparts are needed in the coming month.

Sales & Marketing

Give your customers access to usage data allows them to rightsize their fleet by getting rid of machines that are not being utilized and to proactively identify the need for more machines when load rises. This digital service will add value to your machines and boost sales.


By combining financial data with machine data from the field, finance has the ability to become a forward looking trusted advisor and business partner.

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