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Data-driven battery management




OEM – Material Handling


Replace the guesswork and use data from the machine to get early indicators of when batteries are about to fail. We know that servicing batteries are a major component of the TCO and by taking a data-driven approach to battery management you can decrease TCO, boost aftermarkets revenue and get happier customers.


Wrong charging behaviour that results in increased service costs under warranty and higher TCO towards customers


How many more lifts can I do without charging? When is the best time to charge the battery? What is the remaining capacity of the battery? When is the best time to replace the battery?


By givging your customers a mobile application that tells them exactly when to charge the machine’s battery, which increases the lifetime of the battery up to 30%.


Take a data-driven approach to machine design by using battery data to identify how your batteries deviate from the theoretical expected. Use this information to design better machines and guide your customers on how to optimally use the battery.

Supply chain

Knowing which batteries are about to fail and when will give you the ability to efficiently secure an inventory that meets demand and nothing more.

Aftermarket & Service

Identify batteries that are about to fail and use this information to upsell battery packages to your customers.

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