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Through hands-on workshops, we accelerate the process from raw data to a working digital product and strategy. Partnering with Trackunit results in a faster route-to-market, enabling you to reach immediate ROI in your telematics transformation.


Alignment through collaboration

To ensure successful adoption of digital products, you need vertical collaboration throughout your organization. 

This means breaking down silos and bridging the gaps among key stakeholders. By aligning functions, you accelerate decision-making and your route-to-market.

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Understand users through Design Thinking

Innovative ideas can come from anyone. We are hands-on and work directly with users. We incorporate their experience and knowledge from the field to make sure our solutions meet market needs by solving concrete problems. We map customer journeys, identify pain points and generate user-centric digital products.

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From idea to Minimum
Viable Product

Trying to build the perfect digital product can be a waste of valuable time and money, and leave you with an obsolete product in a fast-paced environment. By building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we jump-start your digital journey and go to market with a functioning and viable solution that can be tested on customers.


We build your MVP in a continuous cycle of measuring, learning, and then building some more. The goal of each iteration is to produce a working product better than the one before it. This enables us to be proactive and stay ahead of changing user requirements. By the time the product is ready for global rollout, you already have a paying user base.

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