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Trackunit Iris

Build For Change

Every day we aim to build the future of construction, but much is still left unexplored and unknown. This is why IRIS is for everyone to use. With IRIS we want to create a foundation where great people can build what will change the way we build. This is IRIS

Our heart and soul

IRIS is a deeply interactive platform that understands your machinery from the inside out. Every single move is counted, analysed and given a voice, so everyone will get the most out of their machinery.

Your data is all yours, and you can keep it for as long as you want.
Store your data for two minutes or two decades – it’s up to you.

The Future

IRIS is the platform where all of our services and updates originate. It is the one and only tool for our Predict division when developing the future of construction.

An Enabler For

And a shortcut to improvements. Searching for pains to resolve is the recipe for every service we develop. With more than 5 million touch points, we can detect and collect an incredible amount of data, so the question really is; how much is enough?

Trackunit Services

At Trackunit we are dedicated to challenge the
status quo by creating services that connect the
entire ecosystem within construction. Services to help
you move into the future of construction.

All services

Empower Your Business

IRIS is all yours. Now go build your future of construction.

All Yours

IRIS API is ready for development of new services and features. And there is much more to come.

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