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Taking Tags to the Next Level

With Trackunit Kin, we are connecting the last frontier and closing the connectivity loop.
Go from zero visibility of unpowered equipment and attachments to a fully connected
fleet in just a few steps. Same portal, same app, zero learning curve.

Real-time Asset Overview
Based on Movement

Stay in the know of your asset's every move and enable your fleet's full potential. With a complete overview of utilization, you can scale your fleet up and down based on movement data, sell off under-utilized assets or invest in new equipment to increase productivity.

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Tag it, Track it, Done

On-site installation in one minute. Simply tag your asset, pair with Kin via Bluetooth, type in asset data, and you’re ready to follow your asset anywhere for up to five years.


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Keep your assets in sight
– even off site

With Trackunit Kin, lost attachments and forgotten tools is a thing of the past. Kin enables you to find assets of all shapes and sizes – and by leveraging the network of Trackunit, Kin enables you to track down all attachments and tools – even if they leave your site.

Designed To Do More

Join The Network effect

By leveraging Trackunit’s fast-growing network of hundreds of thousands of connected devices all over the planet, Trackunit Kin will take connectivity of construction to the next level. And by adding to the self-reinforcing network effect across equipment enabled by cellular and Bluetooth edge connectivity, Trackunit Kin is our next big move to eliminating downtime.

Connect Everything to One Scalable Solution

Trackunit Kin is part of our ecosystem and builds on our open, flexible, secure, and scalable platform, Iris. 
This enables you to gather every piece of equipment, attachment, accessory, and tool with a tag or Bluetooth
connectivity to the same platform you know and use already. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trackunit Kin is your first step towards a fully connected fleet. Find answers to the most
frequently asked questions about Kin right here to accelerate your
digital journey.

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Plan For You

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