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Kin - Frequently Asked Questions


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Trackunit Kin is your first step towards connecting your last frontier.
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To what kind of assets can I apply the Kin tag?

Any machine, attachment, equipment or tool. The Kin tag is designed for flexible mounting. It Will come in the package with strips, 3M Tape and screws, However you Can use whatever that suits your mounting best.


What is the battery lifetime?

The battery will last up to 5 years, and in some case much longer depending on the surrounding conditions (temperature, humidity and LED usage). By leveraging the new Bluetooth 5.2 standard and the latest hardware technology, we are able to offer 2x battery life compared to competing solutions.


Which requirements are needed for setting up the unit?

All you need is an iOS or Android smartphone and the setup requires less than 1 minute. Bulk setup of Kin will be less than 20 seconds pr tag.


What is the range?

By leveraging the new Bluetooth 5.2 standard, Kin will be able to transmit data for more than 120 meters / 400 feet.


How precise is the positioning of the Kin tag?

The positioning is often as accurate as the location of your smartphone. It depends on the Kin signal receiver like a Raw unit (TU600) or a smartphone (iOS or Android). The position and signal accuracy is relayed to our software platform and presented as a GPS location.


What is the price?

Contact your local sales representative to get into consideration for our early adopter program. Pricing will be announced during this summer.


How does it work with the rest of the Trackunit hardware?

Kin can communicate with any Trackunit Raw (TU600) unit, making it possible to discover and transmit data from the entire global install base.


When will Trackunit Kin tag be available?

We are planning to launch for early adopters in June and make Kin available to the public in September.


Do I need my own telematics hardware to receive location from a Kin tag?

No, Trackunit is building a network of Trackunit Raw units all around the globe that will be able to transmit data from any Kin tag. You will also be able to use our services like Trackunit Go to automatically transmit the data.


How durable is the Kin tag?

As all other Trackunit designed hardware, trackunit Kin is designed for performance, durability and reliability. With that said, Trackunit Kin is the most durable Bluetooth tag on the Market.

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