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Laerke Ullerup

Chief Marketing Officer and Customer Success

The ability to empathize and connect is more relevant than ever.


I’m a strong believer in the power of the human touch: We are all just humans, so the ability to empathize and connect in a world of screens, technology and abundance is more relevant and important than ever.

I joined Trackunit in 2018 as Director of Marketing and I have also taken on responsibility of Interim leadership of the Customer Success Management function. Since December 2020 I am Chief Marketing Officer with responsibility for Marketing, Customer Success and Tech Support.

Prior to joining Trackunit, I have been working in the start-up and technology space with a focus on digital transformation, entrepreneurship, communication and marketing, community building, design thinking, facilitation and leadership. At Trackunit, I am heading brand and corporate communication and have been successfully building the brand’s position and growing awareness in the market. I continuously strive to expand growth operations and insight working closely together with Customer Success Management and Tech Support.

I am a passionate and curious leader who builds strong brands, facilitates involvement and co-creation in tech ecosystems and enjoys the entrepreneurial journey of starting something new. I have always been intrigued and fascinated with technology and the impact it has on work, collaboration, business, innovation, society and human relationships.

Bringing people together and building connections gives me energy and drive. Developing Trackunit’s GTM strategy through channel partnerships is therefore a truly exciting challenge to tackle for me.


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