Our data privacy principles in short

We will always keep you fully informed

We make sure you understand which data from or about you we use, why we use it, how long we use it and who can use it. We enable you to remain in control of your data.

We protect your data

Your data is yours. We keep it that way by protecting it as best as we reasonably can to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. We do this through encryption, anonymization, or pseudonymization of your data.

We process your personal data fairly and lawfully

We collect Personal Data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and will not further process Personal Data in a way incompatible with those purposes.

We do not misuse your data

We will not share your Trackunit account details with anyone else, unless they work under our responsibility, according to our instructions or when explicitly and lawfully ordered to do so following due legal process.

We only collect data according to your specifications

When you use our sites, our products and our services we collect data from you or about you. What data we exactly collect depend on what you use and how you use it.

We practice responsible account management

Trackunit uses your Trackunit account to grant you access to downloadable content, services you are subscribed to or have activated, software upgrades and sections of our website which need registration.

Trackunit work in accordance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU.