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New Trackunit Kin Tag Changes the Tracking Game 

New Trackunit Kin Tag Changes the Tracking Game Enabling All Construction Equipment, Machines, Tools and Accessories to be Connected on a Single Platform


  • Trackunit extends the usefulness of its software platform as Trackunit Kin enables everything from the largest earth mover to handheld tools to be tracked and monitored
  • Trackunit Kin will help eliminate downtime by unlocking 10% of every working day spent searching for misplaced tools and attachments
  • Trackunit Kin will massively reduce the 79% of stolen or lost equipment never recovered 


AALBORG, Denmark, March 9th, 2020. Trackunit, a leading specialist in fleet management solutions for connecting and tracking machines and operators across a wide range of industries, has announced Trackunit Kin, an easy-to-deploy, compact and robust self-powered tag which enables all site equipment to be tracked and monitored using Trackunit software and services.  The company is taking pre-orders for Trackunit Kin from June this year, with general availability starting September 2020.

 “Trackunit Kin is a game changer for the industry, closing the last connectivity loop between large machines and smaller equipment and accessories,” says Trackunit CEO, Jorgen Raguse. “For the first time, the entire inventory of diverse site equipment can be connected using a single software platform. This will be a massive productivity boost across the industry from equipment rental companies to contractors and OEMs.”


The Tool You Need, When You Need It

Trackunit Kin allows the spread of productive technology across the supply-chain enabling R&D teams at OEMs, rental companies, fleet managers, foremen, operators and users to gain meaningful intelligence. This capability allows users to locate and identify the precise attachment, accessory or tool quickly and easily - even when multiple identical units are together in one location. Utilities built into the tag include:

  • Find my asset - Use the mobile app anywhere in the field to locate an asset
  • Lost mode – This provides the ability to set an asset to lost and the system to send a notification when the asset is found
  • Pairing – Track the utilization of machine attachments and tools – including ‘attachment to machine’ pairing
  • LED indicator – Identify a specific asset in a pool of assets by activating the LED on the tag.


Tag It, Track It, Done

Trackunit Kin is simple to install, connect and make ready for use within a minute. The new tag interfaces with the company’s secure, open, cloud-based productivity platform Iris, with information presented via Trackunit Manager. The new hardware offers a small (2.1in x 1.4 in) robust device that exceeds industrial design standard IP69, offering UV resistance and flame-retardant housing.

  • Bluetooth 5.2 – Ultra low power, premium tier Bluetooth SoC hardware
  • Activate, install and onboard tags in seconds, using a mobile device creating a seamless experience
  • Battery – Self-powered using a lithium coin cell, Kin provides up to 5-years reliable use in normal operating conditions
  • Clear identification – Locate your asset via visible LED pulses
  • Utilization and Analysis – Movement, vibration and activity detection using low power embedded sensors.

Boosting Digital Transformation across the Construction Industry

Technology is continuing to highlight opportunities where the construction industry can reduce costs and increase productivity. Today, data collection and analytics are able to provide insights into machine use, service and lifecycle that are helping change the organization, productivity and profitability of construction projects.


Trackunit Kin allows users to connect to every piece of significant equipment onsite, in transit or in the depot using a single platform. From large buckets to hand tools, the new device delivers a cost-effective system for ensuring that equipment is never lost again, saving time and money and all in a single solution.


In addition to being compatible with other third-party tags, Trackunit Kin provides tracking and performance analytics across the widest available single connectivity platform for the construction industry. Trackunit Kin enables high-quality, compliant data feeds to be easily connected to the Trackunit world of services including Trackunit Manager, On and Go, for fleet-wide analytics and remote diagnostics for any OEM, rental or contractor operating with mixed telematics solutions.   


For more details about the new features of Trackunit Kin, please visit https://www.trackunit.com/hardware/kin/

For contact details of all Trackunit global offices, https://www.trackunit.com/company/contact/


Image Link: https://bit.ly/2ww9OvN


About Trackunit

Trackunit is specialized in fleet management solutions connecting and tracking machines and operators across a wide range of industries. Trackunit’s IoT services collect and analyze machine data in real-time to deliver actionable, proactive and predictive information, empowering customers with data-driven foresight.

Trackunit promises to eliminate downtime by 2025. The ambition of this mission is not only to recover from budget and schedule overruns, but also to re-establish the reputation of the industry for innovation and leadership.

From operator safety and machine health to business optimization, Trackunit’s industry-leading telematics software, hardware and services benefit the everyday operations of customers worldwide. Trackunit services its customers directly from its headquarters in Denmark and Chicago, IL and through subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, France, Holland, Germany and England. Visit Trackunit.com for more information.


Media Contact:

Laerke Ullerup

E: lul@trackunit.com

M: +45 5370 3033

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