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Mathias Frost Bilgram

SVP Products

Creating software that matters, matters to me.


I joined Trackunit in the beginning of 2016 and until 2019 I headed Predict Consulting helping our customers turn their data assets into a true competitive advantage through tailored consulting and implementation services. In December 2020, I transitioned from my current role as Director of Software Products to SVP Products.

Creating software that matters, matters to me. Im a big believer in agile and design thinking - and some might say that I’m obsessed with understanding underlying problems that our products aim at solving. Being curious and listening carefully to the users are two core values that propel Trackunit’s product efforts. This is reflected in our ambitious product strategy that fuels innovation and transformation for our customers. By inviting customers and partners into the heart of our product development processes, we’re able to solve real problems and release value-adding software every month. It’s so exciting serving an industry that is accelerating so fast on both connectivity and digitization.

With the recent advancements in technology and unprecedented data volumes, the key thing to remember is what you are trying to accomplish with the digital tools you invest in. When customers talk about investing in IoT and telematics, I like to ask them; What is the first thing you will do differently if you had this data now? Shifting the conversation from data and technology to value and outcomes, help companies see more clearly the ROI they hope to achieve. 

Together with the Trackunit team I hope to build products and services that empower our customers to transform themselves building on top of our technology.


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