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Tim Leberecht

The Business Romantic Society

Constructing a Human Future in the Age of AI”

Constructing a Human Future in the Age of AI

Tim Leberecht, an entrepreneur, two-time TED speaker, and author of the international bestseller The Business Romantic, argues that we need to combine the power of AI with a new romanticism if we want to build truly humane societies. Taking a tour de force through the potential of AI, he warns us not to reduce it to mere efficiency gains, but rather to explore a vision of “beautiful AI” based on human flourishing and planetary wellbeing. Drawing from the arts, his background in the humanities, as much as his 15 years in the design, innovation, and architecture industry in Silicon Valley, Tim provides a thought-provoking and optimistic outlook on the future of business in times of exponential change.


Tim Leberecht is a German-American author and entrepreneur, and considered one of the most prolific and passionate voices on the humanization of business. He is the co-founder and CEO of The Business Romantic Society, a firm that helps organizations and leaders and organizations make their strategy, culture, and brand more human in an age of AI and automation. Tim is also the co-founder and curator of the House of Beautiful Business, a global think tank and community with the mission to craft a positive vison for the future of technology and humanity.

Previously, Tim served as the chief marketing officer of NBBJ, a global design and architecture firm, with clients including Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Tencent. From 2006 to 2013, he was the chief marketing officer of product design and innovation consultancy Frog Design.

Tim is the author of the book The Business Romantic (HarperCollins, 2015), which has been translated into nine languages to date. Tim’s writing regularly appears in publications such as Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Inc, Quartz, Psychology Today, and Wired.

His TED Talks “3 Ways to (Usefully) Lose Control of Your Brand” and most recently “4 Ways to Build a Human Company in the Age of Machines” have been viewed 2.5 million times to date.

After 14 years in San Francisco, Tim moved back to Berlin in 2017 where he currently lives with his family.





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