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Frederico Valente


The ability to create a 1:1 digital copy of the job-site in full 3D is now available”

Automating Progress-Tracking in Construction projects

The ability to create a 1:1 digital copy of the job-site in full 3D is now available to every construction stakeholder. Not only can this be done at an unprecedented frequency, it can also be done by anyone, regardless of technical know-how. What if these 3D snapshots of the work status can be verified automatically by a computer in minutes, against the quality specifications and progress milestones defined in the building plans?

This talk will introduce Imerso’s Digital Twin technology and showcase how some of the largest players in the Nordics have applied these superpowers in their construction workflows.


Frederico is the CEO of Imerso, has a background in Innovation Strategy, and has been implementing new-generation technologies in real-life Construction settings for the past 6 years.

Imerso is a software company that combines 3D Documentation, BIM, and AI technologies, with the mission to change the way our world is built.


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