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We used to be the cool guys

From hype to hope. Humans make the difference.

It's time to be the cool guys again - let's put a human face on AI in the construction industry. Join us to learn how to get started!

  • Visionary leaders, startups and executives from tech and construction
  • 24 hours in central Copenhagen
  • Success stories on how to use AI to eliminate downtime
  • Copenhagen adds a human flavor to the event - the most liveable green city

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Predict Summit Agenda

09:00 Welcome

09:30 Session 1: The journey into the future
Trackunit - What have we learned about downtime
McKinsey - The potential for the industry
[Keynote speaker] - The human future of AI and machines

10.30 Break

11:00 Session 2: How to get started with AI
Practitioners working with AI will share inspiration and use cases on how to get started. Speakers TBA.

12:30 Lunch

13.30 Session 3: Impact cases from the pioneers
A selection of companies who are pioneering AI in construction will share their models, frameworks, insights and learnings. Speakers TBA.

15:00 Break

15:30 Workshop: 100 ways to eliminate downtime with AI

17:00 Panel discussion

17.30 Thank you

17.30 Social tasting experience

19:00 Predict Summit Dinner


Predict Summit takes place in central Copenhagen.

Practical Details

We will update this page with more details about hotel, registration, a detailed agenda and much more.

Want to know more?
Contact Birgit Ankjaer,
bia@trackunit.com, +45 4038 9914

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Welcome to Eliminate Downtime

We believe in Eliminating Downtime if the industry works together on achieving this bold promise. How can we eliminate downtime? Or prevent it from happening?

We can cooperate and use systems and data to eliminate or minimize downtime. Every person and every stakeholder in the construction business is touched by downtime.

Guiding Questions for
Predict Summit

How can the industry together eliminate downtime using AI?
What can we learn from startups who are integrating AI?
How do you eliminate downtime with technology and data?
What can we learn from others who leverage data and AI?
How do we overcome functional silos to enable full end-to-end AI solutions?
How does AI make me more connected to my customers and how can I provide more value to them?

About Predict Summit

Predict Summit is co-hosted with McKinsey & Partners. We are committed to drive change in the construction industry.

In 2018 United Rentals, McKinsey & Partners, Wacker Neuson and many others presented their view on digitalization of the construction industry.

More from the 2018 event:
2018 Predict Summit
It's about rockets, not rocket science
Construction must innovate to grow

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