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Stephen Jarvis

Bam Nuttall

“Managing downtime is all about improving the customer experience.”


The construction industry is a highly complex network of organisations all with different specialist skills, goals and requirements. And today, across the industry we need to use data to promote innovation, control processes and become more productive. Collectively Eliminate Downtime is promoting collaboration and innovation and the requirement to be more open to sharing lessons learnt the hard way, so we all benefit.

As more of the industry takes on aspects of digital technology the amount of data generated is immense. The challenge is to bring the information together in a meaningful way and use it to influence positive change. Our role is to construct public assets which change people’s lives to make them better. If a management tool helps, we should use it.

Technology is constantly evolving, and there are plenty examples of this from monitoring capability which helps prevent theft, through to alerts for unauthorised use. This technological and process evolution is necessary to develop our industry, and it affects all areas of construction.

In this industry nothing comes easy, we know that. That’s why we must be brave in sharing information and learn collectively so that more efficient asset management processes can be delivered to help this industry Eliminate Downtime by 2025.

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