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Simon Beckett

Nationwide Platforms

“Combination of technology and expertise, and managed service approach to best practice.”

Downtime Story #3

A recent large project demonstrated the need for better data sharing and increased site worker involvement to dramatically improved project productivity. This long-term development programme required high numbers of MEWPs on site which inevitably resulted in significant unauthorised use. This snowballed into un-trained operators using equipment, damaged and broken-down equipment going unreported and equipment abandoned across the site.

Equipment statistics, that could be gathered, demonstrated that 29-percent of breakdowns were due to equipment flat batteries, and if batteries were not recharged over-night then call-outs were made, which required site visits. A consequence of abandoned and damaged equipment was increased numbers of powered platforms were required on-site adding cost and complicating logistics.

Introducing an on-vehicle tracking system, and on-site stock area with additional charging points alleviated most of the problems as far more multiple deliveries were scheduled, less unauthorised use and zero control boxes stolen whilst breakdowns were reduced by 10-percent. With operators assigned to machines there was increased feelings of ownership and less damage reported. This also led to operators’ IPAF training certificates being known and alerts issued when re-certification was required. The reduction in battery downtime also required fewer site visits.

Using technology to gain insights into machine use across the site provided valuable data. This information was used to develop a series of process models which the business has now integrated into its rental business.

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