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Colin Evison

Bam Nuttall

“How can we start to use analytics and other data sets in order to be able to predictions and informed decisions?”

Downtime Story #1

The construction industry has two massive blind spots. We chiefly work on assumptions, and we don’t use outside data effectively, if at all. The first steps are to bring together those separate data sets that we can access and then overlay external weather, calendar events or third-party information that would allow us to make informed predictions. Imagine knowing how often it will be too cold to lay concrete during certain months of your project.

Using a digital twin, which is a virtual representation of a project, a detailed rolling plan can be created. The more data captured and analysed the more accurate the twin will be to the real site. Making informed decisions in real time, based on past and current data and trend analysis allows us to predict and mitigate risks. This system provides programme certainty, eliminating assumption-based decisions, providing data driven simulations that improve productivity.

Simplicity of use is crucial and there is a single portal to view all the data intelligence concerning the site, which is segmented in order to provide the required information to each user. The system is becoming the repository of truth, offering a variety of powerful incentive to use including, actual real-time data from the site, which has reduced conflict and enabled open collaboration. As well as trend identification enabling continuous improvements and predictable performance.

BAM Nuttall is working with five colleges nationally to help develop data apprentices training to ensure that this trend in technology rich predictive planning and management creates qualified tech-savvy entrants into our industry.

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