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View of the Day

View of the day

"We are here to image ‘what is coming next,’ and shape the future of our industry."

View of the Day

Here we are in the old Carlsberg brewery in the Carlsberg City. A city that is regenerating and we chose this site for Predict Summit 2020, to illustrate how integral construction is to the growth of our cities.

There are a variety of speakers with us today to engage, surprise and inspire all of us to take a fresh look at how we can improve construction, through our supply-chain, CE rentals, on-site machines, people and importantly technology.

The Predict Summit is about creating connections – with people, technology and process insights – building ecosystems to help us succeed as an industry.

This year’s topic – How to Eliminate Downtime with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is a much-hyped phrase, intertwined with science-fiction, but although we are early on the AI journey, it is already widely in use – AI selects our recommended films on Netflix and it helps us navigate through cities in cars and on mobiles.

We will discuss how we develop with AI, how we change the mindset, get organised and drive leadership, build organisations and become ready for the changes it will bring.

Can the development of machine and AI allow our industry to better understand and support the human side of construction?

All of us today are wearing a sample of AI! Our name badges – we ran all our LinkedIn profiles through an AI App (Crystal Knows), it condensed each of us down to three dominant descriptive words. (One of the PR Team’s read – Persuasive, Confident and Assertive). Does your match your personality?

Machines are all around us and they are changing rapidly…They interact with us, with other machines and the space around them. They will soon be able to communicate with us and let us know what they need.

They are helping humans and possibly in some cases replacing humans, but do they have a soul?

McKinsey – Ondreaj – Construction now has the opportunity to use technology, not to take steps, but to leap-frog our historic low productivity situation to make significant gains across all areas of the industry.

Trackunit – Brogaard – This past year there’s been significant learning gained about technology and entire ecosystems have developed. We will take the learning and inspire the new generation of operators, manufacturers, rental companies to do more.

Other Speakers at the Event

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