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Soeren Brogaard Jensen


"Brain of Construction’ will accelerate industry’s AI capabilities"

What have we learned about downtime and AI?

There is a new culture in construction that is continuing to develop and grow. One of ecosystems.

McKinsey reports that ‘Digitisation is reshaping traditional industry boundaries… where ecosystems comprising diverse players provide multi-industry solutions using emerging technology.’

Key learnings from the Eliminate Downtime journey are how we: Collaborate, Implement and Learn.

A number of new platforms are appearing that demonstrate the power of ecosystems and technology – amazonbusiness – is up-ending the B2B market, It offers customers and suppliers a single marketplace to find and buy evermore products, circumventing the normal B2B supply-chain.

New business models are being deployed via collaboration of new players, even previous competitors, working together for joint benefit.

The construction industry is a traditional linear collaboration model – We need to expand our thinking – take a mindset shift – and find new ways to create and capture value.

My Tesla Model 3 analyses my driving inputs and other physical interactions with the car and using AI learns and reacts providing software updates that improve my driving experience.

Today, 83% of digital ecosystems involve partners from more than three industries. Construction is starting to change, but in the formal structures we are paranoid, NDA based, and still developing separate closed systems.

Implementation is another area where construction struggles and it is a main concern of IoT decision makers.

Many new technologies and IoT initiatives promise benefits, but connectivity is still a problem. The way we interconnect is not yet structured effectively in a standard format. AEMP Data is a good start. The industry must help develop and adopt defined AEMP data to be interoperable.

Construction has reached the IoT chasm. We need to span it with standard-based solutions for the Early Majority to embrace.

New ways of learning are multiplying the speed of process improvement

AI-First Organisations and the rise of workplace analytics are leading the mindset shift from ‘know it all’ to ‘Learn it All’ Digital feedback loops and taking data from one system to optimise another are improving other industries.

60% of construction companies do not exploit the full potential of the data they gather. 87% of these state they lack knowledge of how to use their data.

Key to creating learning organisations is AI talent, construction must compete with high spending industries (hi-tech & finance) for a limited resource to access this talent. Or is there another way?

The Brain of Construction – Our concept for Industry-wide Shared AI to Accelerate Learnings, with minimal data scientist required – but extensive industry collaboration.

Watch the full presentation

Watch the full presentation from Soeren Brogaard (21 mins.)

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