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Frederico Valente


"Digital Twin shows Constructions' true face"

Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a key technology to increase productivity, reduce downtime and rework.

A digital twin is an exact copy of what is happening on the job site - when the onsite reality and the documentation in the building plan match each other at all times.

The digital twin allows everyone to collaborate better, mistakes are easily found and rectified, and the plan updated to ensure the building documentation is 100% accurate.

How do we make this happen?

  • Provide customers with an online platform which plugs into the building plan – BIM model – to create the twin.
  • 3-D scanning is simple to use – one button, minimal training – Anyone can do this. Within hours the whole building can be captured!
  • Frequency of images is dependent on project requirements. It supplies the most accurate documentation of the job site – high precision in full 3-D.
    • If the project is on track, then the data from the images will match the original building plan.
    • Documentation and reality diverge costing the industry 5-15% of total budget in rework.
  • Manual inspection methods cannot keep pace with the changing building environment.
  • Once problems are overlooked, they snowball and create costly downtime, disputes, rework.
    • At handover the documentation will not match what is actually built!

The Solution

  • Introduce a Regular Workflow Cycle before the building work starts.
    • Implement a simple 5 Step processes to provide the baseline data and the updates.
    • If changes are detected then an A or B scenario is implemented: e.g. A. Onsite Rework, B. Update BIM Model.
  • The system ensures the on-site team concentrates on Issue Handling – finding solutions.

The system is helping construction companies solve problems. Many mistakes are made, so early discovery reduces downtime. Using a digital twin ensures more issues are detected and resolved, real savings are generated and less wasted or unnecessary trips to site are undertaken.

Watch the full presentation

Watch the full presentation from Frederico Valente (18 mins.)

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