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Highlights of the Day


Construction Industry Embraces Eliminate Downtime Movement.”

Summary of the Day

Uptake and Trackunit hosted Chicago x Downtime at Uptake’s headquarters in Chicago. More than 40 industry-leaders participated in the event, sharing stories, challenges, ideas, best-practices and experiences in an effort to eliminate downtime industry-wide by 2025.

The atmosphere at the Uptake venue helped to develop creative conversations about downtime and how important collaboration and cultural changes within the industry are to the process.

Presenters focused on innovation and technology to transform business models in the journey to eliminate downtime. While they reinforced the concept of sharing ideas and solutions with the industry, they also stressed individual training, transparency within the workplace (open communication and buy-in from the top down) and embracing data and technology as assets rather than unknown elements.

Discussions continued throughout the day as presenters and attendees agreed that organizations need to get ready to solve problems, like downtime, by first setting a priority for change. Ideas on how to start these internal conversations included the need for top management to understand the urgency of change. The technology by itself isn’t enough to make a difference without cultural changes within companies. This includes best-practices, insight, open communication, and shared experiences. Organizations need to get everyone on-board to understand what the benefit of reducing downtime is to the entire company.

Soeren Brogaard Jensen of Trackunit said in order to eliminate downtime, we must connect every stakeholder in the ecosystem, include data, and we should all “establish a learning culture. A learning culture is a set of organizational values, conventions, processes and practices that encourage individuals – and the organization as a whole – to increase knowledge, competence and performance.”

The conference was moderated by Laerke Ullerup, marketing director at Trackunit.

Presenters included:

For more information on Eliminate Downtime and how you can help our industry work better, sign up today.

Other Speakers at the Event

Chicago Highlights

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