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Don Rosing

Messer Construction

Digitizing the Industry

Digitizing the Industry - Business at the Moment it Happens

Since the development of mobile technology everyone has the ability to access the tools that can help all of us work and play more effectively. Technology has the capability to turn a construction site into the wifi network, in order that site management, craftsmen, drivers and other site workers can interact and share data that can help increase the productivity and safety on the project.

Processes are essential to all human activity and simply introducing new technology does not guarantee success. People are the essential element in most processes and we must consider how any change affects all the people in the process.

Whether you use private networks or cloud based open systems the requirement for fast access and easy sharing of data is becoming essential around the site. Shared information is an asset, which is proving important in communicating problems and solutions to everyday situations on site. Technology also allows for streamlined processes, such as sub-contractors interface with the systems increasing collaboration and allowing faster job despatch and easier invoice delivery and payment to be developed.

Technology is also providing a new layer of security around the site. Utilising drones and time lapse images can illustrate ground erosion, abandoned equipment, vehicle bottlenecks or unsafe practices that may be occurring and need to be addressed. Machine intelligence can even play a role in risk management and administer security protocols to ensure only approved personnel access certain data, equipment or areas around the site. The industry needs secure technologies and access to ensure hackers and ransomware cannot access the systems.

Construction has an opportunity to learn lessons from other industries and so increase the development and uptake of technology-based information to increase safety, productivity and profitability. People are a crucial asset in construction and change management requires careful introduction to be successful.

Technology can help Eliminate Downtime in the construction industry, by implementing processes that are proven to work, involving our people, utilising open systems and current software version that work, understanding and implementing preventative maintenance across all processes and continually learning from our past to understand the causes of downtime so that it can be eliminated.

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