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Highlights of the Day


“Enthusiasm for Eliminate Downtime will drive Industry’s Positive Disruption”

Summary of the Day

Invited speakers were players in  the construction industry, including machine rental companies, organisations and digital transformation businesses:

The speakers at the Berlin x Event come from across the industry value-chain, presenting their experiences and demonstrating their findings, best practices as well as challenges and difficulties in uncovering the best way forward. What is clear is that working together the industry can rebuild its reputation and Eliminate Downtime.

The Eliminate Downtime movement is similar to the start-up process. There is a good deal of enthusiasm for disrupting the status quo, and that has to be channelled into the correct actions in order to build awareness and commitment to the idea. Today, the industry has the opportunity, not to create a new start-up, but to change a whole industry and create massive opportunities. The industry needs to acknowledge and accept change and become an Open Source Community.

There are already 25-Committee Members signed up together with regional, national and international associations also on board. Defining Downtime is the big question. Is it only when the machine is sitting idle? No! It must be viewed holistically, and the Downtime Model has been developed to provide a birds-eye view of the problem.

Eliminate Downtime model

This offers five different influencing sectors of downtime: Human, Company, Industry, Societal, and of course Machine perspective.

The construction industry has many broken processes and the need is to improve the industry’s model and create an Eliminate Downtime language that everyone understands and has access to. The next development steps must be meaningful to the widest possible groups within the industry.

Today, we have some excellent speakers with great presentations which will generate interest and discussion.

For more information on Eliminate Downtime and how you can help our industry work better, sign up today.

Other Speakers at the Event

Berlin Highlights

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