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A Certain Kind of People

This is where bright minds shake the foundation of construction as we know it.
Here, you won’t simply join a tech company, you’ll join a movement.

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Join Us in Eliminating Downtime and Building the Most Useful Industry for the World

Together, we compassionately challenge the dogmas in how to be an inspiring and relevant industry. Join a high-growth SaaS startup pushing the digitization of the trillion dollar construction industry. By continuously challenging the status quo, we are determined to eliminate downtime. The question is: Are you in?

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We Want You to Be More Than Successful. We Want You to Be Useful.

Here, we all make an impact. An impact on the construction industry, an impact on our business, the people we work with and an impact on ourselves.

Talent is not something you are.
It’s something you do.

As a company, we always strive to walk on two legs

One driving the numbers – and one driving the
impact on the eco-system of stakeholders

We Put Our Money on People, Collaboration & Co-creation

At Trackunit, we do whatever it takes to make the impossible possible. To actively pursue our big and wicked purpose of eliminating downtime, we gather the best and the brightest minds and challenge the status quo of construction. This is your opportunity to join a continuous, global, and industry-wide ideation. Are you in?

Stunning colleagues are the ultimate benefit at Trackunit
– and we have room for more.

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The Trackunit Way

The Way We Do Things Around Here

The Trackunit Way is the sum of our culture, principles, and ways of work – all nicely wrapped to provide you with a glance of how we do things around here. It’s not build to be a step-by-step guide. Rather, it’s made to spark inspiration, ideas and fire in the eyes of anyone considering to join us on our mission. Welcome to our human operating system.           

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About us

With our best-in-class software and our industry-leading SaaS-solutions, we digitize equipment of all sorts and sizes and connect the entire ecosystem of stakeholders – from operator to OEM. Ultimately, to enable full-fleet connectivity to the entire construction industry.
We do so because we genuinely believe that we can enable clever simplification, ingenious decision-making, and flexible solutions with our human approach to construction. Tools that, combined, provide our industry with the collective power to eliminate downtime and change the future of construction.



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Open Positions

We are on a rapid growth journey and expanding our teams in all functions to accelerate the elimination of downtime. Come join us with everything you are and help us make the industry fit for the future and fit for anyone.

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