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Open Innovation Manifesto

On 29th November the Connect Summit focused on the technology, the platforms, the ecosystems and the stakeholders. We shared our knowledge and got inspired by others. At Trackunit we strongly believe in working together as the only sustainable way forward. We created the “Open Innovation Manifesto” - a manifest with clear guidelines for how we can work together and create synergies across our customers’ value chain.

As a group of diverse stakeholders representing equipment manufacturers, rental companies, service providers and end users, we call upon the industry to raise its reputation as it embraces and increases the digitalization of products and services.

As a representative group, we commit the promotion of cross-industry, inter-company and stakeholder collaboration so that this approach becomes the norm.

  1. Together, the industry needs to analyze, evaluate and understand what the real value drivers are within the entire ecosystem. It needs to be better able to differentiate between service models and products and define intelligent price models.
  2. We recognize that the industrial landscape is changing and evolving from both a technology and stakeholder point of view. We ask the industry to embrace the mantra of intelligence everywhere.
  3. We want to broaden the scope of groups like this, extending them to the very edges of circles of influence to include all interested parties, including but not limited to, architects, construction companies and contractors, web services companies, software developers.
  4. We call for an end to siloed thinking, assumptions about customer needs, closed mindsets, ways of working and employee engagement.
  5. We want to share a common vision with all stakeholders – at the center of the industry as well as at its margins - to gain additional insights and inputs which will help guide development.
  6. We want to collectively enable new customer propositions which drive higher value to end customers, higher revenue to all participants and a better, more efficient and productive future for the construction industry.
  7. We commit to actively driving the standardization of simple interfaces at all levels, from hardware and software to mechanical and web services, to speed up interaction and enable superior products and services with reduced time-to-market.
  8. As new technology develops and offers the promise of changing the way our work gets done - not just today but in the future - we shall remain curious and open to new trends and developments. We will constantly challenge ourselves to improve customer value by considering, and where appropriate, incorporating new ideas such as (but not limited to) the use of drones, 3D printing, micro-services, AR and VR.
  9. We want to promote higher levels of productivity, efficiency and machine utilization, reducing the overall TCO of all equipment by releasing idle time and downtime, reducing unauthorized use and protecting assets, as well as paving the way to new ideas and business models, such as pay-per-use.
  10. We believe that as we collect and analyze data from across the industry, we can provide actionable information to increase the personal safety of machine operators, prevent damage to machinery while extending its lifetime and value to its owners, and reliability to its users, through new services such as proactive and predictive service and maintenance.

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