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Telematics lets Stena Recycling Norway save thousands of hours each year

Stena Recycling works to create a circular economy and offers customized services and comprehensive solutions in recycling and efficient resource management. It recycles material such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronics, plastic, paper and mixed waste. Its recycled raw materials are sold to steel mills, paper mills and other customers for use in the manufacture of new products.

The primary driver of the digitization of the Norwegian branch of Stena Recycling, and thereby the implementation of telematics, is SWOB Manager Norway, Mattias Sohl:


We wanted to get rid of all the non-productive time. Digitization was really not the goal in itself; however, it has proven to be the perfect means to our efficiency goal.

Mattias Sohl, SWOB Manager Norway, Stena Recycling Norway



Inefficient Paperwork Routines Led to a New Digital Start

The usual routine for checking machines at Stena Recycling was for all the machine operators to fill out paper checklists at the beginning and end of every day. These paper checklists were physically collected by a manager, and once a week they would be typed into a spreadsheet. In addition to the paper usage and storage needed for all the paper reports, it meant thousands of man-hours going into this process each year.

In line with Stena Recycling’s LEAN inspired program and waste reducing focus, they also consider workplace safety and the environment as core priorities. They believe that accidents don’t just happen, but should be prevented through risk analysis, preventive measures and responsible employees.

These factors formed the background for the relationship with Trackunit.

I contacted lots of telematics providers, but they all had each their niche and specialist area. For us, Trackunit was the only supplier who could actually provide the full package that combines our entire ecosystem”, says Mattias Sohl. 

The aspiration to work smarter has been achieved through the implementation of Trackunit telematics. Stena Recycling believes the combination of sturdy hardware gathering all the necessary data, user-friendly software and creative people makes Trackunit the best telematics partner.

Telematics has enabled us to get rid of a lot of waste and instead create value. So now we fill up the waste time with value time.

Mattias Sohl, SWOB Manager Norway, Stena Recycling Norway


Direct Influence As Early Adopters

The partnership with Trackunit was taken to a new level when Stena Recycling stepped in as early adopters of the Trackunit On app.

My first thought was ’How can we eliminate this sort of waste? Maybe we should have a digital solution?’ When we saw that Trackunit was building Trackunit On, we could see that this could fit our needs.
The perfect solution for us did not exist on the market. Instead we wanted to be part of creating and building the perfect solution.

As early adopters, Stena Recycling had the opportunity to influence the creation of the app based on their actual needs. This opportunity proved a perfect fit since Stena Recycling’s organizational culture is strongly inspired by real-life user involvement. Stena Recycling grabbed the opportunity to affect the design and functionality of Trackunit On. They wanted to make sure that the app would fit the daily needs of their machine operators in order to fulfil their efficiency goals.

Our operators spend seven hours in the machine every day. They are the real specialists. They know the machine the best. Their understanding and insight is crucial in the process. Therefore, we must make them a big part of this digital transformation.


A New, Digital Mindset and User Involvement

Today, 120 machines at Stena Recycling are leveraging Trackunit On and are inspected daily using digital checklists. Each morning the operators start the day by checking oil, gas, lights, brakes, steering, etc. They make sure that everything is safe before they start the day’s work. When the work day finishes, they run through the same checklist to make sure everything is in order for the following day. All of this is done through the Trackunit On app.

The process of being part of the solution together with Trackunit continues even after the early-adopter phase has finished. Every month Stena Recycling goes through a so-called improvement wheel. This is aimed at getting real-life feedback from their branches and actual users. Based on this, Stena Recycling is continuously working with Trackunit on future improvements for their telematics solutions based on these suggestions from their users.

The personal relationship we have with the Trackunit employees is also very important. As we use the products and services, we find issues along the way. And Trackunit listens and understands our problems and helps improve the solution.

Mattias Sohl, SWOB Manager Norway, Stena Recycling Norway

Stena Recycling’s focus on user involvement proved its worth already in the implementation phase. Naturally, they wanted to complete the implementation as soon as possible and as easily as possible – and user involvement was the key to accomplishing this. The actual machine operators were directly involved in the use of Trackunit On right from the beginning. They were specifically told that they were part of building the system that they would be using in their everyday work. This induced team spirit at the same time as speeding up the process.


This Is Only the Beginning

The result of Stena Recycling’s new digital processes is quite clear - as a consequence of their consistent use of the digital checklists in Trackunit On, their machines are now in better health. This is also where the advantage of digital data kicks in. They are able to document the positive development in their machine health in actual numbers.

This development is being noticed. Stena Recycling has received feedback from external technicians and partners who are also noticing and commenting on how their machines are doing better.

The external technicians are saying that they see a clear positive change in our machine’s health.

Mattias Sohl, SWOB Manager Norway, Stena Recycling Norway

The success of the digital checklists has not gone unnoticed internally in the Stena Recycling organization either. In fact, the checklists are working so well that they are now planning on expanding the use of these for other purposes than traditional machines like their burner equipment.

However, Stena Recycling isn’t resting on its laurels. They have clear visions for continuing their digital journey on their path to reduce waste and increase efficiency and safety. They have specific suggestions for increasing the level of communication going through the Trackunit On app allowing for the machine operator to take more responsibility and thus, gain more freedom.

The use of telematics is not an install-use-done thing for us. Sustainability is a core value for us, and as telematics has proven to have an actual waste reducing impact on our internal work processes, we will continue to explore the digital opportunities this gives us.

Mattias Sohl, SWOB Manager Norway, Stena Recycling Norway

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