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Telematics improves safety and security while cutting costs for OHL

To get the best use of their machines, OHL North America depends on Trackunit solutions. Trackunit telematics improves safety and security while cutting costs for over 700 OHL equipment assets.

The relationship we have with Trackunit is very important to our success. Working together, we work stronger. Trackunit aligns with our strategies and vision for future growth.

Emmanuel LeHardy, Loss Prevention Manager, OHL


About Obrascón Huarte Lain

Based in Madrid, Spain, OHL began with a mission to build infrastructure that connects people and businesses around the world. A hundred years later, it is now a global company committed to innovation and research and development. It is an international leader in the construction of hospitals and railways.

The company opened offices across North America in 2006 to expand its position in the construction sector. OHL North America headquarters are in New York. Today, OHL is one of the largest international contractors. It is the 10th largest contractor in the US and 4th in Latin America. The company plans to extend its presence in the Americas while continuing to grow in European markets.

OHL has a mixed fleet of heavy equipment and machines. Operator safety, equipment security and machine health are top priorities. OHL didn’t have a way to verify, or even document efficiently, machine use and maintenance. At times, it was a guessing game.

Emmanuel LeHardy, Loss Prevention Manager at OHL, says, “My role within OHL is to make sure our Trackunit resources are all in use, and our equipment is protected. There is a large amount of construction equipment theft in Florida right now, and we are grateful for telematics. We know we will retrieve our equipment if it gets stolen.”

When LeHardy began searching for a telematics system, he was looking for a specific feature. Access control. The only company offering the safety and security feature was Trackunit.

With Trackunit telematics, we have a great toolset that manages our entire fleet. We save time and money through the reporting features that let us know when to schedule service. We can extend the lifetime hours of our equipment. Without telematics, it’s basically a guessing game.

Emmanuel LeHardy, Loss Prevention Manager, OHL

Some machine maintenance at OHL was unreported or skipped entirely.

With Trackunit in play, the company was able to pull maintenance reports and discovered a breakdown in their existing maintenance plan.


A simple tool that helps keep our fleet in control.

LeHardy and Pedro Anguita, OHL Shop and Equipment Supervisor, were surprised with the details of the reports. Machinery is the lifeblood of their business, and they expressed concern for the missed maintenance and any effect it had on machines. Scheduled equipment maintenance increases lifetime hours, performance and cost-savings.

“When we installed Trackunit telematics and looked at our reports, we found so many issues with our machines that hadn’t been taken care of in a long time. We found things on the machines that were disconnected or meters that weren’t working, so we knew right away there was a maintenance problem,” said Anguita.
LeHardy adds, “some equipment hadn’t had maintenance for over two years. We have saved machines as well as time and money maintaining our equipment on-time. Telematics pays for itself.”

“Trackunit is a simple tool that helps keep our fleet in our control. We have extended the lifetime hours of our machines just by servicing them on-time. If you spread that out over many pieces of machinery across the US, it saves OHL a lot of time and money and increases the amount of work each machine can do.”

Know where equipment is every minute.

Anguita adds, “I know where my equipment is every minute. If a machine is in use outside of working hours, we know about it. I sleep better at night knowing everything is safe.” 

“When I saw the hardware for the first time, the design surprised me. It wasn’t like other boxes. There is no external antenna. It’s inside the machine. And signals are always very strong. Thieves trace external antennas to find the box and remove it, so there is no tracking. With Trackunit, that can’t happen. As an additional bonus, installation is easier.”

LeHardy says that alerts and reports are important to OHL

To ensure equipment managers know when a machine travels out of a specified area, OHL asked Trackunit to create geo-fencing and zone alerts. 

“For Trackunit to listen to us and complete these alerts, we are very happy. Our site managers are happy knowing that the machines they are responsible for are always safe and where they should be. If they move out of a zone, we know in time to find them.” 

OHL relies on the ability to track machine hours-of-use, every day. If a machine hasn’t been in use for a certain amount of time, OHL moves it to a new job site, saving time and money all around.

We charge the job site for machines that sit there. Moving them saves the job site money and increases our productivity, We rely on all of the alerts and reports so that we can act promptly. Other companies have the same problems we have, and I’m telling them Trackunit will save them.

Emmanuel LeHardy,
Loss Prevention Manager, OHL


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Telematics improves safety and security while cutting costs for OHL, one of the largest international contractors

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