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Telematics Paves The Way To Improved Fleet Management And Utilization For Hæhre

For Norwegian machine rental business Hæhre Maskinutleie, Trackunit telematics have streamlined work processes and productivity to the benefit of the bottom line.

Hæhre Maskinutleie operates a diverse fleet of 850 machines and vehicles from different manufacturers such as Volvo and CAT, including large as well as compact machines.
Activities among their 1.200 employees include procurement of new equipment and machines for transportation and logistics as well as operational maintenance, keeping the machines up and running. Today, telematics is a valuable tool for Hæhre Maskinutleie improving work processes and productivity elevating their NOK 4.2 billion revenue.

At Hæhre they are convinced that access to the right machines and a telematics solution that works across different machine types and makes is the key to success.

Improving fleet and business performance

Hæhre Maskinutleie has implemented Trackunit telematics solutions in their fleet and use Trackunit Manager to get the full overview to improve utilization. Not only do they know the constant location of all their machines and vehicles – they also have a complete overview of machine work hours to ensure accurate billing. And this is essential as Hæhre Maskinutleie provides the entire Hæhre Group with machines and equipment, and work to ensure that machines are utilized efficiently across the organization.

The company also use the service module that provides valuable data to ensure effective maintenance and inspection planning. The system keeps track of machine operating hours and even provides an automated message feature informing the service department on upcoming service requirements. This service helps Hæhre improve work procedures and keep the fleet up and running by ensuring that machines are properly maintained in due time.

It all began with a challenge

Ten years ago, Hæhre Maskinutleie was looking for a solution that could help them keep track of machine work hours and ensure accurate billing. In time, as the business grew even more complex, the company needed a solution that could help them manage their entire fleet and streamline work processes. 

In the beginning, the company installed telematics devices in cars to improve logistical efficiency. Over time, however, the use of telematics expanded considerably, and devices were also installed in machines, trucks and containers.

This has simplified coordination of the machine and equipment transportation between depots and construction sites. The company uses Trackunit to optimize logistics and to get a detailed overview of the location of all vehicles on a map including estimated delivery times.

Today the company plans to expand the usage of telematics to include all fleet vehicles and more than 50-60 employees across the organization. Mechanics, project managers and external partners who require limited access to the system already use telematics as part of their daily work routines. The use of Trackunit’s telematics solution has improved efficiency and decreased the number of incoming phone calls and emails to the benefit of the employees.

Implementing telematics

Implementing a telematics solution, and learning how to use it properly, was a demanding process. Hæhre Maskinutleie decided to put together a taskforce that traveled across the country visiting construction sites and depots to ensure that the telematics devices were properly installed in all machines and vehicles. Machines working at building sites had telematics installed on-site without delaying ongoing work and without exceeding deadlines. Subsequently, key employees were trained in how to use the telematics solution by Trackunit’s representative in Norway.

The contracting company Hæhre Entreprenør AS specializes in infrastructure and building projects in all regions of mountainous Norway. The Hæhre Group has 1,200 employees and a revenue of NOK 4.2 billion in 2016.

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Telematics paves way to improved fleet management
and utilization for Hæhre Maskinutleie

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