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Telematics Drives Customer Satisfaction For Delta Rent

Dutch rental company, Delta Rent, has worked with Trackunit to solve daily challenges of equipment location, maintenance planning and billing accuracy. The solution has changed the way they do business and improved customer relations.

Eliminating everyday challenges

A wide range of everyday challenges led Delta Rent to search for a telematics solution that could optimize daily job tasks, improve efficiency and boost customer services. Before implementing Trackunit, one of the company’s key challenges was tracking the exact location of each piece of equipment, especially when the customer had relocated it to another site. In order to find the equipment, they had to manually look it up in their ERP system, and still this procedure did not provide them with the exact information they needed.  Moreover, the company did not have an overview of machine running hours, making it difficult to plan maintenance and bill customers accurately. The consequences of inefficient maintenance planning included damage to the machinery, unplanned and expensive downtime, and increased service costs.  

”Before implementing Trackunit, one of our key challenges was that we did not know exactly where each piece of equipment was located”

Nik Mierop, System Manager Equipment at Delta Rent.

Optimizing work routines

Since the Trackunit telematics solution has been integrated into the daily work routines throughout Delta Rent, employees across the organization are able take advantage of the many system features. 

The company now has a complete overview of the location of all rental units as well as detailed data on machine useage and running hours.

These features not only enable the company to optimize maintenance planning but also to bill customers accurately and in accordance with machine utilization.

Delta rent

Improved customer service

Delta Rent uses a wide range of features in the Trackunit Manager, and sees it as a valuable tool. The company uses the maintenance tab to check for units that are due for service, the alarm feature, and the map view to locate all rental equipment including that on the move. By automatically notifying Delta Rent of any equipment failure, the alarm feature enables the rental company to improve customer service and support with a proactive and fast resolution to potential lost productivity and downtime. 

Fast and efficient error correction

When a customer experiences problems with a piece of equipment, Trackunit technology enables Delta Rent to check the machine for anomalies, using the Trackunit Manager to offer fast and efficient error correction. In a specific case, the Delta Rent team discovered that the battery was completely discharged because the equipment had not been turned off properly over the weekend. Delta Rent was not only able to remotely locate and solve the problem, they were also able to explain to the customer why the problem had occurred and how to avoid it in the future.

New ways to utilize telematics

At Delta Rent the number of machines with Trackunit installed grows every day. ”I am firmly convinced that telematics is the future, and consequently we are continuously looking for new ways to utilize telematics to improve the way we do business”, Nik Mierop concludes. ”Trackunit telematics has solved many of the challenges, we were facing, but there is still room for improvement. For instance, we would like to be able to view fuel levels and set alarms for units with low fuel. To us this would be a very valuable feature, and I look forward to working closely with Trackunit in the future to further develop our telematics solution.” 

”…we are continuously looking for new ways to utilize telematics to improve the way we do business

Nik Mierop, System Manager Equipment at Delta Rent

A highly specialized rental company 

Delta Rent specializes in rental equipment for businesses and private use and has years of experience with the petrochemical industry, construction, infrastructure and events. The company specializes in mobile light towers, temporary lighting, explosion proof lighting, generators and compressors as well as other machinery for specialized tasks.

In addition to rental equipment for short and long term projects, the company also offers installation and maintenance service. Today, the company operates 500 units and is continuously expanding their inventory to meet their customers’ changing demands.

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Telematics drives customer
satisfaction for Delta Rent

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