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Telematics Means Cost And Efficiency Savings For Construction Specialists Barslund

Constantly juggling with plant and equipment for up to 50 projects in Scandinavia, Danish construction company Barslund A/S depend on Trackunit’s telematics solutions to cut down redundant and costly use of hired-in equipment eating into company profits.

Founded in 1980, Barslund A/S is a specialist in infrastructural construction dealing with projects such as landscaping, road pavement and sewerage. Today the company has grown to 370 employees with revenues of €150 million. It is vital to maintain high-quality standards while ensuring that projects are completed according to schedule.

The range of differing projects demands a diverse equipment fleet as well as the capacity to supply each project with the right equipment at the right time. This puts a stress on Barslund’s own fleet, which they are often required to bolster through the use of hired-in equipment. The supplementary equipment is a necessary but very costly addition, so to keep the expenses as low as possible, Trackunit’s telematics solution is essential to Barslund A/S. 

“I am working on utilizing our equipment as efficiently as possible to reduce the volume of hired-in equipment. Returning just one machine for a single day is a saving of € 140. Multiply that for an entire year, and the one returned machine represents a total saving of approximately € 35.000,”

Christian Christensen, Equipment Coordinator, Barslund A/S.

 It’s a complicated and time consuming coordination task to solve the puzzle of meeting the demands of each and every Barslund Site Manager at the same time. At the beginning of every project, the Site Managers hand in a comprehensive equipment list to the Equipment Coordinator. This list is based on their experience of equipment requirements, together with a detailed schedule as to when the machinery is needed during the construction process. But the process is hard to predict and a comprehensive telematics solution is a great tool for the Equipment Coordinator.

“Telematics provides me with the necessary knowledge to strategically relocate equipment from one site to another. Instead of calling a Site Manager that doesn’t have the time to get an overview on the entire fleet. I just need him to confirm that the equipment can be relocated. It saves us a lot of time and, with the relocation of the equipment, a lot of money as well,” explains Christian Christensen, Equipment Coordinator, Barslund A/S.

Transparency is the key to success

Barslund A/S installs telematics in both their own and hired-in equipment in order to keep track of and to get a real-time overview on the entire fleet. For a given period of time, the hired-in equipment becomes an integrated part of the company fleet and must be tracked accordingly. Monitoring the utilization of all equipment empowers Barslund A/S to streamline usage. That insight enables inactive equipment to be relocated from one construction site to another, instead of hiring more equipment.


Photographer: Kenneth Nguyen


“The intuitive Trackunit reports gives me access into the Site Managers domain. It’s impossible for them to deny the facts, and they don’t have time to worry about utilization themselves. I am able to initiate a constructive dialog allowing Site Managers to support each other and the company, based on the information provided by Trackunit. Telematics saves me a lot of time and frustration. It’s my eyes in the field and the helicopter view it provides is a great help in my everyday work”, Christian Christensen, Equipment Coordinator, Barslund A/S. 

 It is the ultimate silver bullet for a Site Manager to always have the right equipment at the right time, and should a breakdown occur, a replacement on site in double-quick time. The construction site is a delicate and time sensitive factory where the productivity of each cell depends on the one next to it. It is a sophisticated ecosystem working as a single unit. Breakdowns and delays are threats to the production.

 “Telematics has definitely initiated a change in the mindset of our Site Managers. They are a conservative group of people, but money talks and the daily Trackunit reports gives them a simple overview on how efficiently they use equipment. Boosting company revenue, while securing their personal budget without being a threat to production is the goal,” said Christian Christensen, Equipment Coordinator, Barslund A/S.  

Bridging the gap between different business perspectives

The knowledge provided by the Trackunit solution provides valuable substantiation and evidence when Christian and his team negotiate with the Site Managers regarding the  relocation or return of hire equipment. The Site Manager’s natural focus is without exception keeping production running smoothly on his own project.

Time consuming analysis of the efficiency of the working process is not a theme. Their focus is on getting quality work done in time and on budget. Each Site Manager is responsible for their individual budget for each project and they are slightly adapting to the fact that sharing is caring and that it can be beneficial for all parties to have an even closer collaboration.

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