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Challenging The Status
Quo Within Construction

With telematics we can detect and collect an
incredible amount of data, so the question we
continuously ask ourselves is;

how much is enough?

At Trackunit we don’t just want 
to create the best telematics in the market.

We are dedicated to challenging the status quo by creating
services that connect the entire ecosystem within construction.
Services that will change the future of construction.

We Used To Be The Good Guys

Strong and hardworking - for whom a promise was a promise. The kind of
people who got things done. What happened? Today, all we talk about is
blown up budgets and schedules delayed by months. Is this really who we want to be?

We Know We
Can Do Better

At Trackunit, we know we can do things differently. We can do better – and that’s why we invite you to join our mission to change the reputation of our industry. By 2025, we will eliminate downtime and bury the perception that our industry is disengaged, analog and conservative.

Collaboration As Our Catalyst 

We have part of the solution, but if we are to succeed in this mission, we need to work together and collectively catapult ourselves, our clients, our competitors, and our partners into a new era of construction. Some might call this digitalization. We just call it a better everyday. Are you in?


With everything we do, we set the bar to feed the needs our customers don’t even know they have. Doing so requires much from everyone on board this company. Because we do not only create new services, clever updates and more efficient hardware. We create a new way of construction, and that takes more than great developers – it takes an incredible team.


Since 2003, Trackunit has specialized in the design, development and production of fleet management systems. All of our solutions development is carried out at our HQ in northern Denmark. Today, Trackunit is the leading supplier of fleet management solutions across the globe, operating out of our eight offices worldwide.


Predict is a division where people believe they can fly. A division where nobody asks what, when and how, but only what if? With that in mind, we create new services, clever updates and smarter hardware, that will push the limits of what is possible in construction now and in the future. Predict is the place where our most skilled people meet up to invent the future of construction.


Press Contact


Trackunit ApS

Press Contact

Lærke Ullerup


+45 5370 3033

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