Trackunit Telematics will help you:

Improve revenues

By tracking and documenting actual machine usage and operating hours you are able to bill your customers accurately reducing non-chargeable time and improving profits.

Gain a complete availability overview

Trackunit Telematics provides you with a complete overview of which machines are in stock or rented out enabling you to respond quickly to customer inquiries.

Keep track of your machines

Trackunit fleet tracking enables you to efficiently locate and deploy the right machine or vehicle in response to a customer request. No matter machine brand or type.

Keep your fleet in service

By scheduling and keeping track of maintenance, Trackunit Telematics keeps your fleet in service and ensures compliance with standards and regulations.

Enhance operator safety

Our ID-solutions offer full control of who can access your equipment. You can provide access only to personnel trained in handling the machine and thereby reduce the risk of accidents.

Monitor operator behaviour

Trackunit Telematics monitors operator behaviour to avoid misuse and to improve machine life expectancy.

Case stories from the rental business

Riwal optimises utilisation of rental fleet

One of Europe’s leading rental companies Riwal has chosen Trackunit telematics system for managing a substantial part of its rental fleet of aerial work platforms.
More precise invoicing and optimised maintenance is a clear win.

Prangl Rental enhances security and maintenance

Prangl Gesellschaft m.b.H. based in Austria and with operations throughout the region.
Prangl specialises in rental, sales and service of all kinds of construction equipment.The mixed fleet of machines and vehicles has been equipped with Trackunit Telematics.

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Collé increase security and maintenance

Managing a fleet of more than 2,000 machines and vehicles effectively in several countries requires skilled employees and a sophisticated fleet tracking system that is easy to use.

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Securing mobile generators

Belgian Schouppe n. v. (Delta Temp) delivers mobile solutions to customers and this often means leaving expensive equipment unattended for extended periods of time.
The company has experienced an increase in thefts of the mobile generators and therefore invested in a system to help reduce theft.

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Average increase in invoicing

15 minutes

Time saved retreiving a machine

< 1 year

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