Trackunit Telematics will help you:

Reduce warranty costs

Has your machine been maintained properly or has it been neglected or misused? Get the information – and documentation – you need to reduce warranty costs.

Understand customer behaviour

Get a unique insight into customer behaviour and machine usage that will enable you to build even better machines – designed specifically for individual markets.

Boost spare parts sales

Reduce machine downtime and boost your spare parts sales with systemized, preventive maintenance and automatically generated service notifications.

Gain a competitive edge

Factory-installed telematics solutions give you a competitive advantage by enabling you to offer your customers extraordinary product features and added services.

Build customer loyalty

Keep your customers coming back by offering extended machine up-time, higher operational reliability, improved fuel economy and increased machinery lifespan.

Avoid warranty fraud

You will be able to document exactly when a machine leaves the dealer and is put into operation eliminating every doubt of when the warranty period begins - and when it ends.


Optimising after market sales

Swedish company Geawelltech AB provides a complete range of equipment in the field for well drilling, environmental and geotechnical engineering. For optimising after market sales and customer sastisfaction the company has chosen Trackunit Telematics for its drilling rigs.

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Remote machine diagnostics

Swiss manufacturer Menzi Muck specialises in equipment for mountainous regions and rugged terrain. The company use a CAN-bus solution to monitor equipment use and optimise warranty programme. The end customer can monitor important parameters like fuel consumption and other operating data essential for cutting costs and optimise utilisation.

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