Trackunit Telematics will help you:

Maximize equipment utilization

With real-time location tracking, inactive machines can easily be identified and redeployed, maximizing capacity utilization and optimizing the workflow at the jobsite.

Improve productivity

Improve productivity by monitoring and analyzing machine and driver performance. A real time gps tracker gives you all the information you need.

Reduce fuel consumption

By monitoring and analyzing driving patterns you will get the tools you need to reduce idle time and cut fuel costs.

Avoid theft

Access control and user identification features help prevent unauthorized use and theft of machinery and equipment.

Reduce down time

Automated preventive maintenance processes keep your fleet running at its full potential, reduce downtime and minimize unexpected repair costs.

Improve jobsite safety

Access control and user identification features reduce the risk of accidents by ensuring that only trained personnel have access to the machines.

Telematics cases from the construction industry

From data to dividend

BAM Nuttall is a market leading civil engineering company, working on all sorts of infrastructure projects eg. roads, railways, bridges and tunnels. BAM Nuttall uses telematics for optimising fleet utilisation while increasing revenue.

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Optimising fleet utilisation

Norwegian contractor Hæhre uses Trackunit Telematics for improved control of large machinery, trucks and service vans. The company achieves more profitable operations by reducing the number of hours the machines are standing still.

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Paving the road for higher utilisation

Peab Asphalt specialises in the manufacture and laying of hot, warm and cold asphalt. The business has approximately 700 employees and operates in Sweden and Norway. Trackunit provides fleet managers with a total overview of the asphalt pavers.

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