Fully scalable solutions

Our solutions are fully scalable to satisfy the needs of fleets of all sizes.

No limitations

You are not limited by time, place or device. You can gain access to the system anytime and anywhere with any kind of device – from desktop to laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Grow your business with a customized solution

We customize our solutions to meet the requirements of your business. Pick out the exact features that are important for you to grow your business.

Improving fleet productivity

Trackunit Telematics improves fleet productivity by providing real-time visibility into fleet operations as well as driver and vehicle performance.

Cutting costs – increasing profitability

By optimizing route planning, reducing idle time and preventing unauthorized use, Trackunit Telematics help cut fuel costs, save time and labour.

Maximizing vehicle efficiency

Automated and systemized maintenance processes lower the risk of mechanical failure, reduce downtime and keep a lid on incidental repair costs.

Optimizing fleet utilization

With a complete overview of the location of all vehicles and machines, deployment of the right vehicle or machine to the right location or job is made easy.

Improving safety

With access control and user identification features, unauthorized use is easily avoided.

Preventing theft

Access control features prevent theft and real-time location tracking helps to quickly locate stolen vehicles or machines.

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