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Expand as you grow

Choose a set of features that fits your demands from a simple GPS dot-on-a-map to advanced CAN solutions. More features can easily be added over time.

Mobile fleet management

Manage your entire fleet - anytime and anywhere - with your mobile devices, and get access to the exact information you need using flexible widgets. Premier GPS vehicle and asset tracking.

Do not compromise

We design, develop and manufacture the complete telematics solution and offer our customers unwavering quality, stability and tracking reliability.

Boost revenues

Trackunit telematics enables rental companies to track and verify actual machine usage. Knowing the exact hours of use for every machine in your fleet, you are able to bill your customers accordingly and reduce non-chargeable time.

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Maximize equipment utilization and keep a lid on costs

By providing a detailed overview of machine performance, Trackunit telematics enables you to identify and redeploy inactive machines – maximizing capacity utilization. Preventive maintenance and service planning extend equipment life and reduce investment costs.

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Boost aftermarket sales and
reduce warranty costs

Trackunit Telematics is an indispensable tool that provides you with valuable knowledge of customer behaviour and machine performance enabling you to reduce warranty costs, boost aftermarket sales and to build even better machines.

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Increase aftermarket revenue

Real-time data on customer equipment forms the basis for more accurate service contracts, an increase in service appointments and improved spare parts sales. In addition, proactive service planning cuts operations costs.

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Maximize equipment utilization
and keep a lid on costs

Trackunit Telematics is a valuable tool that meets the requirements of a wide range of sectors and industries. From the transport and service sectors to marine and rail equipment, Trackunit provides customized solutions that meet the demands of each individual customer.

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